Anyone that has been in the market for a PlayStation 5 knows how hard it is to grab on. Ever since its launch in 2020, they have been hard to come by. One of the reasons for this is that there has been a chip shortage, and the other reason… resellers. Most PlayStation fans do not have a chance of beating the bots these resellers use. So it is starting to seem like there is no hope. Well, according to an article from Yahoo News Japan it seems that Sony has noticed and is now trying to combat the resellers in Japan. To do this they are going to apply a sticker to the box that will be removed when the system is sold marking the PlayStation 5 as opened.

PlayStation 5 “Malicious Resale” Prevention

So how is a sticker going to combat the resellers? Just like anything of value if the box is sealed it can be sold as new and in the eye of some collectors and resellers, the item is more valuable. With this sticker program, the sticker is removed when the unit is sold and leaves behind an “opened” sticker that will be very hard to remove according to the article.

Malicious resale” where the home video game console “PlayStation 5 (PS5)” is sold at a price higher than the suggested retail price. It has been revealed that Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), which sells the product, is distributing a sticker with the word “opened” to retailers.

The seal is operated by the store. Basically, it is a mechanism that puts a sticker on the PS5 box in advance, cuts off the sticker when selling, sells it, and “opens” it. The peeled seal is difficult to peel off, and the box may be scratched if it is forcibly peeled off.”

Here are just a couple eBay listings of PlayStation 5s

So by doing this Sony hopes to slow down resellers because the item will be marked as open. This means the item can not be sold as new on sites like eBay. Now, will this stop resellers? Well, unfortunately, we all know the answer to that. But it is good to know that Sony is trying to do something to help get gamers a PlayStation 5 without paying over retail. As of now, there are no updates on when this program is rolling out or when it will come to other countries. Let’s just hope it is soon and many can finally enjoy a new PlayStation 5.

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Source: Yahoo New Japan