Is Black Panther director Ryan Coogler dipping into even more of the MCU?

It’s definitely a possibility. Thanks to a recent Oscar party interview with Anthony Ramos, fans now speculate Coogler may direct episodes of the upcoming Ironheart series.

The buzz started after Ramos briefly referenced his upcoming Marvel role during an interview with Extra. Ramos expressed his excitement to join the MCU family, saying, “It’s incredible people. Chinaka Hodge, Ryan Coogler, and just, like, a dope squad… you know, Dominique Thorne… and I just feel blessed and grateful.”

Marvel previously announced Hodge serves as Ironheart’s head writer. Thorne plays Ironheart lead character, Riri Williams. However, Coogler has not specifically been announced as attached to the Ironheart series in any way. Ramos’ comments seem to imply otherwise though!

How Ramos Could Be Working With Coogler

So, let’s play connect-the-dots with this (admittedly vague) statement. Marvel announced Ramos will play an unspecified but “key” character in Ironheart. Ramos then expressed excitement to work with Coogler. And Marvel has yet to reveal a director for Ironheart. So, it does make sense that Coogler might work on the Disney+ series.

But while at first glance Coogler directing parts of Ironheart seems like the most obvious connection, it might not be the correct one. In fact, there’s another very plausible reason Ramos may have had the opportunity to praise working with Coogler: maybe Ramos is appearing in Black Panther 2.

We already know Thorne’s Riri Williams will make her first appearance in Wakanda Forever. There will be a clear connection between the Black Panther sequel and the Ironheart series. So, what if Ramos worked with Coogler on the set of Wakanda Forever too? Details about Ramos’ character are being kept under wraps. Perhaps announcing his role ahead of the Black Panther film’s release would spoil the movie somehow? 

For now though, Marvel is keeping fans in the dark. 

What do you think about Ramos’ comment on Coogler? Do you think Coogler might direct Ironheart, or Ramos might appear in Wakanda Forever? Let us know in the comments below.

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