Disney has been under scrutiny for their silence on the Don’t Say Gay bill going around in Florida. CEO Bob Chapek recently came out apologizing for his silence and promises to do better.

So, what a messy and interesting time for a film like Better Nate Than Ever to hit our small screens. What I hope doesn’t happen, is this drama overshadowing the fantastic and important film coming to Disney+.


Better Nate Than Ever is based on the novel by writer/director Tim Federle. The film tells the story of Nate (Rueby Wood)d, a queer kid who is struggling to find his place in middle school. He loves musicals, is different from most other boys his age (as stated by his father), and dreams of becoming a Broadway star. While this is a coming-of-age story, as well as a coming-out story I found the film to be even more than that.

As someone who grew up on the outside, searching for her people I wish this film was around when I was growing up. No matter the reason you may feel like an outcast, Better Late Than Never lets you know that you are not alone. What makes you different is also what makes you special! 

Nate is doing his best to accept himself, as well as follow his dreams! His best friend, Libby (Aria Brooks) isn’t pushed aside as just a BFF side-kick. She is fully involved in the story and also trying to figure out what her passion in life is. While also dealing with her feelings for Nate that will never be returned. Been there, girl. Nate’s brother, Anthony (Joshua Bassett) is also on his own journey to grow up, and accept his younger brother for who he is.


The film also pulls straight from my brain the reason I love musicals so much. Because sometimes words are no longer enough. We used to do mix-tapes for a reason! Just like Nate, anyone can find themselves daydreaming through song in order to figure out their lives. So, I hope everyone watching gets just as much out of this film as I did.

You can find Better Nate Than Ever streaming on Disney+ beginning April 1st. Stay tuned to THS for more reviews, news, and exclusives!