It appears that Disney and Lucasfilm are seriously looking to add in stories for Star Wars: The High Republic to Disney+, especially with this “Grammar Rodeo” series. How serious are they? Well, serious enough to have begun pre-production of this series.

Giddying Up For “Grammar Rodeo”?

"Star Wars: The High Republic" concept art by Phil Noto.
Guess we’ll be seeing more of these guys soon enough.

Bespin Bulletin has just officially revealed Disney and Lucasfilm have been doing pre-production on a mysterious new Star Wars: The High Republic TV series in a studio in Culver City, California for a few weeks now. This mystery Star Wars series is apparently due to begin filming in “just a few short months”. Unfortunately, though, we don’t have much info on this series. One of the few things we do know is that it’s so mysterious, that it doesn’t even have a proper title yet. All it’s got so far is the codename “Grammar Rodeo”.

According to Bespin Bulletin, they theorize that this codename from The Simpsons season 7, episode 12 “Bart on the Road”. In that episode, Bart and some of the other kids trick their parents into letting them go on a road trip by excusing it as a “Grammar Rodeo. Whether or not this codename will have any bearing on the series itself is up in the air for now though.

Despite this reveal of pre-production of “Grammar Rodeo” being confirmed though, Disney and Lucasfilm have yet to officially confirm its existence. Bespin Bulletin speculates that they will formally announce the series on May 4, 2022. If not on that date, then later the same month at Star Wars Celebration. Tune in later on those dates to see if this bears Meiloorun fruit.

“Grammar Rodeo”: Details and Speculation

"Star Wars: The High Republic #1" cover art.
Maybe that girl also tricks her guardians into letting her and her friends go on a “Grammar Rodeo” of their own?

Here’s what we know so far about this “Grammar Rodeo” Star Wars series. According to Bespin Bulletin and Cinelinx, this series will be a live-action series taking place in The High Republic era. The series has a target audience in the “pre-teen to teenager range”, and will basically be “Stranger Things in space”. Given that Netflix’s Stranger Things is a science fiction horror drama series targeting adults, those 2 concepts don’t seem to mix. Either the former is lying, or the latter is exaggerating. I guess we’ll have to see which is the case when we finally see it.

"Stranger Things season 1" key art.
This could be cool, but it could also easily go wrong if they let it.

The “Grammar Rodeo” though could be a clue as to what this Star Wars series is about. It’s possible that the Wild West connotations means that it has some connection to The Mandalorian. Somehow. Despite taking place long, long before Din Djarin first found Grogu. If you combine it with the Stranger Things reference, we could end up with a Weird West story…set in the Star Wars: The High Republic universe. And on Disney+ (presumably), no less. It could be a potentially interesting premise, but this is just pure speculation for now. Take it with a grain of salt until we hear anything official about this Star Wars series.

Source: Bespin Bulletin, Cinelinx