Mount up UNSC Marines, the Master Chief, and his Spartans are hitting your streaming screens this week as the much anticipated and, for dorks like me, long awaiting live-action Halo series launches on Paramount+.

I recently had the honor and pleasure of attending a media day (still over Zoom, ugh) with the cast of the new series, and was able to pose a couple of questions to some of the actors. First off, the Master Chief himself, played by veteran actor Pablo Schreiber. I was able to also pose a question to actress Jen Taylor, who has voiced the artificial intelligence Cortana throughout the video game series over the last 21 years and reprises that role for the series.

Pablo Schreiber – Master Chief

The 6 foot 5-inch actor certainly has the stature to fill the boots of Spartan warrior Master Chief, but Pablo Schreiber also has a long list of film and television credits to bring into his role as the main character in the Halo Series; Orange is the New Black, American Gods, and The Wire to name a few. In my brief interview with Schreiber, I was able to ask him about his experience in taking on such an iconic role.

Jen Taylor – Cortana

I still enjoy playing a video game or two in my spare time, but I wouldn’t consider myself a true “gamer” anymore. I imagine that, at this point, any one of you reading this article could easily handle me in any online competition. But in late 2005 had you and I met on the futuristic battlefields of Halo 2, I would have spanked you in PvP combat. You see, I went to a small college in the midwest, and in the winter months, there wasn’t much else to do on a Friday night, then stay up all night playing Xbox and watching The Daily Show.

That being said, the voice of Jen Taylor is cemented in my memory from my late teens and early 20s as the voice of Cortana, the artificial intelligence and guide throughout your adventures in the Halo franchise. A role she played through five video games over 15 years, and the role she reprises in the Halo series on Paramount+.

Taylor has nearly a hundred credits over the last 25 years in video games, cartoons, film, and television. I was fortunate enough to ask her how it feels to come back to this iconic role that has defined so much of her career.

Halo premieres on Paramount+ Thursday, March 24, 2022.

Halo promotional image Paramount+

So, are you excited for Halo on Paramount+?

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