When people hear the name Scott Snyder one of the first things they usually think of is DC Comics. I mean why wouldn’t they? Snyder is responsible for some amazing series like Batman, Justice League, Detective Comics, and many more. Well, like many already knew Scott Snyder has taken a break from DC and started a new adventure creative studio Best Jacket Press and ComiXology. One of his new projects, titled We Have Demons was originally released on comiXology but thanks to Dark Horse Comics we are now getting issue #1 in paperback on March 23. Also thanks to our friends over a Dark Horse we were able to get an early look at We Have Demons #1 and you will definitely want to make sure you grab this comic. You can check out my thoughts on this issue below.

We Have Demons #1 Review

We have Demons #1 is a good start for this three-issue series. In this issue, we are introduced to Lam Lyle. Lam has dealt with loss most of her life. The one thing that was constant in her life was her father who was a preacher who had to leave at times for “church business”. As Lam got older she realized he wasn’t leaving for “church trips”. But when she ask for answers her father pushed her away and they grew apart. Well, after the death of her father, Lam not only found out why she was pushed away, but also discovered that her life is going to change in a big way! Luckily she won’t have to deal with this change alone, as a new partner is ready to show her the ropes.

We Have Demons
Photo Credit: Dark Horse Comics

Now I will warn you, the story starts off kind of slow. But think of it as a build-up to some demon ass-kicking action. And I’m not Joking about the demon ass-kicking action. You quickly learn that some people are not as they seem. This goes for Lam as well, as you are not too sure what to think about her until the end of the comic. If you are looking for a horror story with demons, action, and the possible destruction of mankind, then run to your local comic shops tomorrow and pick up We Have Demons #1!

The Creative Team

We Have Demons #1 is written by Scott Snyder, penciled by Greg Capullo, inked by Jonathan Glapion, colored by Dave McCaig, and lettered by Tom Napolitano. Snyder’s storytelling is amazing. Just when I thought this comic was moving too slow for me, wow the story blew up out of nowhere making you want more. Snyder also did a great job in not giving away the frame all at once, hell when I first started reading this comic I thought Lam was a little crazy.

The visual elements were great throughout the whole story. The colors set the mood perfectly throughout the whole issue. The action panels looked amazing and when you got to the demons that is where it really shined. Capullo, Glapion, and McCaig made some monsters you will not forget anytime soon. The text throughout the comic worked. At first, I was worried because in the start there was a lot of it and it slowed things down. It felt more like reading a diary but it got back to comic form quickly. But just like the art team, Napolitano’s lettering was smooth, easy to follow, and also help change the mood of the panels.

We Have Demons
Photo Credit: Dark Horse Comics

My Final Thoughts

Wow, what a first issue! Snyder and Capullo put together a story that some might not be ready for. I really did not know what to expect when I started this issue, but it did not disappoint. We Have Demons #1 is a must-read for any comic fan that is looking for a break from your normal superhero comic and is looking for a comic with a deeper and darker story. Really my only complaint about this issue was it did kind of start slow, but with it being an origin story for Lam it makes sense. What I really loved about it was the straight-up misdirection. You will see what I am talking about after you read the book. I can not wait to read the next issue.

We Have Demons #2 will release on April 20th and issue #3 will release on May 18th. Make sure to check with your local comic shop to get these on your pull list.

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