Sideshow has been killing it for the last year with Critical Role collectibles. Between the statues and the art pieces, Sideshow has made some incredible collector’s pieces for the fans.

But now Sideshow is releasing a very cool and fun art piece. And it is one that all fans of Critical Role will enjoy.

Essek Thelyss Fine Art Print – Product Image And Description

Essek Thelyss, also known as the Shadowhand of the Kryn Dynasty, is a mysterious figure whose encounter with the Mighty Nein changes him fundamentally. Atoning for past crimes, he notably forms a close bond with Caleb Widogast over their shared magical pursuits. Our portrait spotlights the elusive mage, shrouded by his robes and surrounded by seven motes of starlight. Skilled in the art of dunamancy, his spellcasting can manipulate time and actuality, making Essek a powerful ally, friend, and teammate to the heroes of Wildemount. 

Each Essek Thelyss Fine Art Print features an authorized, automated artist signature and an embossed Seal of Authenticity as a part of the Critical Role collection from Sideshow. Available both unframed and in a custom framed presentation, this mystifying composition is a must-have for any Critter’s Mighty Nein collection.

Price And Release Date

The Essek Thelyss art print will release between April and May. The unframed version will cost $75, while the framed version will cost $250.

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