When I hear an old film is getting a reboot I always ask, “why?”. That doesn’t mean I’m against them, but for me, they have to have a purpose. The same goes for the newest version of Cheaper By The Dozen for Disney+

In the new incarnation of the film, we meet the Baker family headed up by Zach Braff (Scrubs) and Gabrielle Union (LA’s Finest). The Bakers are a blended and multi-racial family who are as loving as they are rambunctious. Paul Baker (Braff) is a chef who owns and operates a breakfast-only restaurant with the help of his wife and family. Paul has invented a magical sauce that is perfect with anything you eat. He dreams of selling it in stores across America in order to provide the life he feels his family deserves. However, as we learn throughout the film, the grass is not always greener.


When discussing the film in the press junket, the question was posed about the timeless appeal of the story. While Erika Christensen (Swimfan) loves the fact that the original film is based on a true story, Gabrielle Union (LA’s Finest)  had this to say.

“Everyone is born into some sort of family. Whether you love them or you try to escape from them you’re born into a family. So, literally, everyone in the world can relate to family drama, family fun, family problem-solving.”

Gabrielle Union – Cheaper by the Dozen Junket

While Zach Braff (Moonshot) isn’t a father himself, he sees his friends and family who are trying really hard to balance work and family. When it comes to Cheaper By The Dozen, “I think one of the reasons why people relate to it is [because] it takes it to the extreme….Imagine having 10 [kids]. Every parent that is going, ‘how do I balance following my dream? Being a good parent? And doing both at the same time?” The humor of the film asks the question, imagine if you had 10!


Timon Kyle Durett (Stuck with You) fought for his role in the film because he related to it so much! During the press junket, Durett shared that he grew up with 5 brothers and 2 sisters. So he himself was a part of a family of 10 people! So working on the set brought back tons of memories.

“I can relate to the chaos when I was younger and my older siblings were like the parents when mom and dad were at work. All the ripping and running around, and everything. So when working on the film, it was nostalgic for me. I remember doing that. I remember that kind of stuff. So, it was really fun for me…So this film touched me in a way. It’s very personal.”

When it comes to reigning in all the chaos of the Baker family, that comes down to director Gail Lerner who had quite a bit to say about the film, the commentary, and what it’s like tackling a project like this. Watch my interview with her down below!

Cheaper By The Dozen is now streaming only on Disney+! And stay tuned to THS for more reviews and news!