It looks like we’re going to see a lot more anime on Disney+ courtesy of Disney and Nippon TV. So, what does this mean for the future of Disney in the anime department?

A New Japanese-Flavored Era for Disney?

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Nippon TV Holdings logo.

In an official statement on their website, Nippon TV Holdings has just announced that they have entered into a “strategic collaboration” with the Walt Disney Company. This agreement will apparently cover “content sharing” and “local language co-production”. In fact, in a joint statement, both companies said:

“The collaboration will include co-production of local language content ranging from drama series, animation to variety shows on Disney Plus for both Japanese and global audiences and the availability of both companies’ content on their respective platforms.”

What this means in practice is that Nippon TV shows will soon start streaming on Disney+. The list of shows not only includes anime series, but also Japanese live-action series. In fact, the first of these live-action shows to stream on Disney+ will apparently be The Files of Young Kindaichi (starring Shunsuke Michieda from Japanese boy band Naniwa Danshi), which is the latest live-action drama adaptation of The Kindaichi Case Files manga (with over 100 million copies in circulation, no less) by Yōzaburō Kanari and Seimaru Amagi.

"The Files of Young Kindaichi" key visual.
I swear, I’m getting Detective Conan vibes from this.

The first episode of The Files of Young Kindaichi will air on Nippon TV on Sunday, April 24, 2022. Soon after this airing, this show will become available on Disney+ for Japanese and worldwide audiences. Unfortunately, Nippon TV does not specify when exactly it will become available on Disney+. I suppose the release date will be something that will become available at a later date. Tune in later for it if you’re interested in watching this mystery drama.

Star Wars: Visions 2 – A New Hope?

"Star Wars: Visions" key art.
Perhaps certain incomplete stories here might even see completion?

This “strategic collaboration” Disney now has with Nippon TV brings some exciting possibilities for what we might see on Disney+ in the future. Particularly in the anime department. As of this writing, Nippon TV has aired a total of 69 anime series. In addition to anime adaptations of the aforementioned The Kindaichi Case Files, the list includes such popular anime series as Detective Conan, Death Note, InuYasha, My Hero Academia, and Hunter x Hunter. With this collaboration, it’s possible that some or all of these anime series might find themselves streaming on Disney+ one of these days.

However, their collaboration also brings the possibility of new anime series debuting on Disney+, or even continuations of old anime. And by that, I mean Star Wars: Visions. It’s not just the first official Star Wars anime project. It’s the first anime period to stream on Disney+. Perhaps this new partnership with Nippon TV might raise enough hype and funds for Star Wars: Visions to get a sequel? Maybe even multiple sequel series for its episodes?

Who’s up for starting a petition for Star Wars: Visions 2?

Speaking personally, I would be hyped beyond belief to hear about an entire Star Wars anime series from Disney. That’s just my opinion though. Feel free to agree or disagree with me in the comments section.

Source: Nippon TV Holdings