Who’s feeling spooky? Midsummer Scream, the world’s largest Halloween and horror convention, returns to Long Beach this July!

After two years off, Midsummer Scream will host its three-day event July 29-31, marking the convention’s fifth anniversary. Tickets go on sale March 5 at 10am PST at MidsummerScream.org. And if you’re jumping to score your ticket for ghoulish fun, you can even score a discount; for a limited time, General Admission tickets will be 40% off.

Guests holding previously purchased tickets for the planned 2020 event will also be able to redeem them at this summer’s convention.

“As Midsummer Scream returns we’re putting a renewed focus on what made us love Halloween as kids, and the traditions we’ve continued through our lives,” said David Markland, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Midsummer Scream. “That includes, the magic of trick-or-treating, celebrating the classic monsters of our childhood, and preserving the history of our favorite holiday.”

Event Highlights

Event highlights include the return of the Hall of Shadows, where guests will step into a darkened realm filled with fog, haunted attractions, and lurking monsters. Over a dozen home and pro haunters including CalHauntS, Fear Farm, Reichland Asylum, Temecula Terror, and Corona Haunt will create stunning mazes and displays for guests to explore. 

“The excitement for the return of Hall of Shadows is palpable,” said Rick West, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Midsummer Scream. “The haunters, the fans – everyone is more than ready for this, and these amazing teams are ready to bring it home and create the best Hall of Shadows experience yet! Let’s go!”

Midsummer Scream will also feature the Museum of Halloween (brand new for 2022); presentations about iconic horror locations and events like the Winchester Mystery House and the LA Haunted Hayride; the return of the Black Cat Lounge kitten adoption space; Paranormal Pixie’s Pumpkin Patch children’s zone; the Screaming Room Film Festival presented by HorrorBuzz; and of course, over 350 vendors and artists ready to fulfill your merch dreams (or nightmares).

Who’s Coming To Midsummer Scream?

Classic horror fans have something big to get excited about, too. The “Original Monster Kids” presentation will gather the families of horror icons Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Lon Chaney Jr./Sr., and Vincent Price to share pictures, home movies, and discuss what it has been like growing up the children and grandchildren of the most famous horror and pop-culture icons in the world.

On the show floor, horror fans can expect to find notable guests like James Jude Courtney (Michael Myers in Halloween 2018, Halloween Kills, Halloween Ends), Jeff Daniel Philips and Daniel Roebuck (Rob Zombie’s The Munsters), Eileen Dietz (Pazuzu’s face, The Exorcist), Instagram legend Christine McConnell, and popular YouTubers Dead Meat and Grimm Life Collective.

The Long Beach Convention Center will host Midsummer Scream July 29-31. You can grab your tickets on the Midsummer Scream website.

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