“Welcome to Fright Night”.

The classic 1985 horror film Fright Night is getting a 4K release. Fright Night was written and directed by Tom Holland. It stars Chris Sarandon, William Ragsdale, Amanda Bearse, Roddy McDowall, and Stephen Geoffreys. It follows a teenage boy who has a vampire move in next door to him. After witnessing the vampire murder someone, no one believes him, so he goes to a famous horror host, Peter Vincent, to get his help.

It’s an absolute classic of a vampire film from the ’80s, and this is the first 4K release of the film. Previously, there was a Blu-ray release with plenty of extras from Eureka. That release is region-free and can be played in any Blu-ray player. Thankfully, 4K is also region-free.

We’re all still waiting for an official release of Fright Night Part 2 on Blu-ray or 4K, so hopefully, this one is a precursor to that release. We’ll keep you updated as this develops with the special features and other details.

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