Ghost Adventures is my favorite ghost hunting series just because it’s a bunch of bros, screaming at ghosts, always going places, and doing things they’re not supposed to.

And now, the wait is over! The crew is back, confronting eerie activity in 8 brand new episodes and locations on Discovery+. These locations included the home of American Author, John Steinbeck, The Los Angeles Police Museum, A Nevada Winer, and more! Check out the details below!


The GHOST ADVENTURES team (left to right – Billy Tolley, Aaron Goodwin, Zak Bagans, Jay Wasley) experience one of their most memorable investigations inside this historic Montecito, California, mansion.

As we all know, Zak Bagans and the Ghost Hunters gang love new ghosts and locations. So, with this new season, we get 8 more!

“I can’t wait for everyone to see these investigations,” said Bagans. “What we experienced and were able to capture is simply insane. I’m talking about highly intelligent spirits, prolific poltergeist activity and incredibly powerful energy that severely affected all of us, physically and emotionally. The evidence is mind-blowing.”

Up First, the Montecito Mansion of Mystery. 

Bagans believes a historic mansion with a tragic and mysterious past in Montecito, California, has called to him. When the crew attempts to re-create a séance in the home’s majestic main hall, they capture some of their most compelling evidence to date.

Next, Mountain Oaks Mayhem

The Ghost Adventures team gather in La Crescenta, California, to investigate an abandoned home that has been infected with evil. The dark forces that dwell there tore a family apart, and anyone who dares step inside the house is left fearing for their life.

Then they move onto the Pacific Grove Nightmare

The Ghost Adventures team arrive in Pacific Grove, California, to investigate a doll shop overwhelmed by dark energy. At first, shelves of dolls and puppets appear to offer up disturbing clues. So, as they search for evidence the team is left feeling drained and disoriented.

Afterwards, the Whitmore Mansion

Bagans and the crew investigate a Utah mansion soaked in tragedy and bloodshed. Unexplained paranormal activity has the new owner desperate for answers. However, the team is concerned that a portal to hell has unleashed a negative entity into the home.

Panic on Pine Street

The team investigates poltergeist activity at a historic saloon in Paso Robles, California. The activity is so relentless that staff and guests don’t feel safe on the premises. Soon after, Bagans suspects it may be the sole work of an entity called “The Old Hag.”

LA Police Station Invasion

The crew is called to the Los Angeles Police Museum to confront a dark presence that has invaded the once-thriving precinct. Bagans believes the disturbing activity is linked to the macabre artifacts from some of LA’s most notorious crimes.

Petrified in Pahrump

The Ghost Adventures crew are called to a desolate Nevada town to investigate a winery allegedly built atop sacred burial grounds. After fatal accidents plague the property, the terrified staff is stalked by an evil presence. Can Zak Bagans get to the bottom of the deadly curse?

Finally ending with the Steinbeck House Haunting

Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley, and Jay Wasley travel to Salinas, California, to investigate the birthplace of iconic author John Steinbeck. For decades, witnesses, including Steinbeck himself, have felt a dark presence in the home. Could a portal be drawing spirits to the property?

The new season of Ghost Adventures begins on March 10th, 2022 on Discovery+.