Well, it appears that the Fallout TV adaptation series has just snagged a big name for a lead role. This time, it’s Walton Goggins.

Walton Goggins: Casting Details

Walter Goggins himself, smiling in a slightly crazed look. Just slightly.
He looks suitably crazed, doesn’t he? Also appropriately thin.

Deadline has just come out with the news that the Fallout TV adaptation series has just set Walton Goggins (Justified, Ant-Man and the Wasp, Son of Anarchy) in a lead role. What is this lead role, you might ask? Well, he’s apparently going to play a ghoul. No name was given. Just an unnamed ghoul who will apparently play a leading role in the series. We don’t even know what this ghoul character even looks like yet. So, it looks like we’ll have to wait a little while longer for Amazon Prime Video to give us more specific details about this character.

I find it very interesting that a ghoul is playing a leading role in this series. It makes me wonder about the possibility of other races appearing in this Fallout TV adaptation series. Maybe even a super mutant character? We’ll just have to wait for more details later.

Fallout: So What is a Ghoul Anyways?

Feral ghoul from Fallout 3.
Your average ghoul enemy.

For some background information: ghouls in the world of Fallout are a race of humans who’ve mutated due to the high levels of background radiation, like the aforementioned super mutants. The difference here is instead of bulking out on the radiation, ghouls have the opposite occur. The radiation causes their skin and hair to fall out in huge patches, exposing their muscles and bones, and giving them a zombie-like skeletal appearance. In many cases, it also causes a huge loss of intelligence, turning the ghoul into little more than a crazed animal like the feral ghoul above.

Vault-Tec rep as a ghoul in the postwar Fallout world.
Dapper ghoul is dapper.

However, that isn’t always the case in Fallout. In fact, most ghouls we see in the games still clearly retain their sapience and are just people with a nasty skin condition. But, because of their appearance, and the aggressive behavior of the feral ghouls, normal ghouls tend to be shunned by normal unmutated humans. It gets to the point where they tend to live by themselves in ghoul-only towns because of that fantastic racism. It’ll be interesting to see Walton Goggins’ ghoul character placed in that situation, and it might add some interesting complexity to this society. Let’s hope Prime Video does this well.

Source: Deadline