The CW Supernatural prequel, The Winchesters pilot order news happened last week! Now we can share the characters joining Mary and John Winchester in the new Supernatural journey!

The original Supernatural ran for 15 years and follows Sam and Dean Winchester. Sam and Dean follow in their parents’ footsteps becoming “monster hunters” while trying to save the world…multiple times.

Casting is currently underway for the prequel looking for John and Mary Winchesters – as well as a couple of new hunters.


Mary Campbell, we know from the original Supernatural series as Sam and Dean’s mother. Originally portrayed by Samantha Smith as the adult version and Amy Jaclyn Gumenick in flashbacks as young Mary, It seems safe to say for the new series they will be starting fresh and not going back to Gumenick. The casting for Mary is looking for a white female to portray a 19-year-old. She is tough and sarcastic with a healthy distrust of strangers. On top of which, she has also been in the monster-hunting game since she was 7 years old.

The casting also releases a handful of story points about Mary. In the Pilot, she considers leaving monster-hunting behind after losing someone close to her. However, similarly to Sam and Dean, her father goes missing. Along her journey to find him, she meets John and reluctantly accepts his help. Not ready to admit her attraction to John, she hardens herself and steps up as the leader of a brand new team.

Originally portrayed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan as an adult and Matt Cohen in flashbacks, the casting for John Winchester is looking for a white male to portray a 19-year-old. Described as a Vietnam Veteran who is bold, selfless, John is also optimistic and has a calming presence under any circumstances. Which, to me,  is very different from the man we’ve come to know in Supernatural

The casting also released some interesting story points about John as well. Returning home from Vietnam, which he joined illegally hoping to follow in his fathers’ footsteps, and not finding what he was looking for in the military, John finds his new mission at home. John traces his father’s real past – leading him to a secret organization. Which one can assume is The Men of Letters.


Currently, The Winchesters is also looking for a couple more Hunters to round out the team. First, we have Latika Desai described as fiercely intelligent, and braver than she knows. She is a young Hunter in training who is still skittish when battling monsters face to face, but her research and problem-solving skills are where she really shines.

The casting for Latika calls for a woman to portray 20 of British and/or East Indian descent.

Lastly, we have Carlos Cervantez. Carlos is described as a stoner who is super easygoing. I mean, I don’t know a stoner who isn’t. He is also a natural when it comes to fighting Demons/Monsters and is boastfully confident in the face of danger that leaves the team uneasy. While not possibly putting everyone in danger, Carlos is an advocate of free love and the pursuit of happiness and is a positive influence when faced with serious threats. 

The casting for Carlos calls for a man to portray 20 who is Latinx/Latino, and bisexual. They are also looking for actors with basic guitar and singing abilities, but it’s not mandatory.


All over the world, incredible and brave individuals known as Hunter fight an unseen battle against darkness in order to protect humanity. In 1972, we meet a ragtag group of new and experienced Hunters that discover a deadly threat that their predecessors have been trying to prevent for years. Mary Campbell was raised to fight by her parents, and John Winchester, kept in the dark his whole life, team up to save the world while discovering their true legacy in the process.

Production on The Winchesters is set to begin in early April 2022 in New Orleans.

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