Those of you who wanted to see Gaston and Le Fou (mostly the latter) strut their stuff in that Beauty and the Beast prequel series on Disney+ might want to curb your enthusiasm for now. Mostly because you’re not going to get to see it anytime soon.

Gaston: “My Magnificent Muscles Are On Hold?!”

Lefou: "Relax, buddy. This only gives you more time to train your muscles, like Pokémon."
Gaston: “I am aghast! How will they see my manliness now?!”

The Hollywood Reporter just came out with the news that all production of the Beauty and the Beast prequel series for Disney+ has ground to a halt. In fact, Disney is officially putting all production for it on hold. The reasons for this are stated to be “delays with creative elements and scheduling challenges with its cast”. Basically, it boils down to the creative team not having enough time to develop the story properly, and Disney forgetting to check with the cast members to see if they’re actually available for the series.

It honestly sounds like someone in production screwed up badly. This is just speculation though. Take it with a grain of salt unless we hear anything official about this Beauty and the Beast prequel.

Le Fou: “Don’t Think Of It As Being On Hold. Think Of It As An Extra-Long Vacation.”

Gaston: "But he died. Just like me in the old Beauty and the Beast. And this one too!"
Le Fou: “Always look on the bright side of life! That’s what that one guy on the cross said, right?”

As for when this Beauty and the Beast prequel will go back on production schedule? Well, your guess is as good as mine. Disney gives absolutely zero information on when production will resume. It will depend entirely on when the creative team can actually flesh out a good story, as well as Josh Gad and Luke Evans’ schedules. It will also actually depend on the weather in Europe. Apparently, production wanted to film in Europe in spring or summer to take advantage of the lovely weather. If they let this year’s summer pass by, they’ll have to wait for next year before they can film. That means that it might potentially take at least 2 years before we finally see this prequel on Disney+. Well, better grab some croissants and baguettes, because it’s going to be a long wait.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter