A lot of you thought Edge of Tomorrow was a great sci-fi action film and wanted more, right? Well, as it turns out, Village Roadshow Pictures was working on that “more” bit. And then the whole lawsuit thing reared its ugly head.

Edge of Apparently Never Now

Well, there goes a whole bunch of other ideas aside from Edge of Tomrrow.

As Comic Book Movie reported (and as Eriq Gardner Tweeted), the lawsuit Village Roadshow Pictures filed against Warner Bros. Pictures incidentally revealed a bunch of details of projects that will apparently now never see the light of day. One of those projects turned out to be an Edge of Tomorrow TV series. The lawsuit gives no details or specifics about this TV series. It only revealed that Warner Bros. wanted to go forward with said series prior to the lawsuit. Unfortunately, it seems that a particular decision actually partially led to the lawsuit in question. Here’s the exact wording from the lawsuit:

“More recently, WB made the decision to go forward with a television series based on Edge of Tomorrow, another Village Roadshow film. But it insisted that Village Roadshow relinquish its co-finance and co-ownership rights voluntarily. When Village Roadshow refused, WB said the quiet part out loud: it will not allow Village Roadshow to benefit from any of its Derivative Rights going forward, despite the over $4.5 billion it has paid WB to make and distribute 91 films. In other words, if Village Roadshow won’t give up its rights, WB will make sure they are worth nothing.”

So no actual details on this Edge of Tomorrow TV show itself. Only alleged deeds of villainy by Warner Bros.. The only thing we have to go on is speculation.

Edge of Tomorrow: Speculation Time!

"Edge of Tomorrow" theatrical poster.
All you need is somewhat grounded speculation.

Comic Book Movie made interesting speculation about this Edge of Tomorrow TV series is a prequel to the film proper. Apparently, director Doug Liman once mentioned that any follow-up film would be a “sequel that’s a prequel”. Despite how vague that phrase is, you could interpret it as a prequel idea. It’s possible that Warner Bros. took that to heart, and decided that this TV show would be a prequel series. This hypothetical series could theoretically explore Rita Vrataski’s backstory and how she earned her title of “Full Metal Bitch”, but that’s just speculation from Comic Book Movie. Take it with a grain of salt unless we hear otherwise.

Alternatively, since this Edge of Tomorrow TV show doesn’t mention whether it’s live-action or animated, it may actually be the latter. The original film is actually an American live-action adaptation of the Japanese light novel All You Need Is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka, which also had a manga adaptation by writer Ryōsuke Takeuchi and illustrator Takeshi Obata. This series never actually received an anime adaptation, unlike another successful light novel/manga series. It would be interesting and ironic if America produced the animated adaptation of Japanese work, even before Japan. But again, this is just speculation. Take it with as many grains of salt as you like.

Source: Comic Book Movie, Twitter