Well, that’s some garbage. According to Deadline, The Boondocks reboot is not moving forward with HBOMax.


Back in 2019, HBOMax gave a two-season, 24 episode order to the fantastic satire animated series. Originally, The Boondocks reboot was supposed to launch in fall 2020 with a 50-minute special. 

The reboot would have continued to follow Robert “Granddad” Freeman, and his two wild grandsons Huey and Riley. The show begins with a black family, the Freeman’s, who have settled into the fictional, friendly, and mostly white suburb of Woodcrest. The series follows them as they fight the people who run the community government, the regime of Uncle Ruckus.

Aaron McGruder was set to return as showrunner, as well as executive producer. Along with Norm Aladjem, Seung Kim, and Meghann Collins Robertson. Sony Pictures Animation was supposed to produce the series in partnership with Sony Pictures Television.


The voice of Tom DuBois in The Boondocks, Cedrick Yarbrough, spoke on the reboot’s fate earlier this week on the Geekset Podcast. 

“I hate to say this…right now the show is not coming back. We’ve been wanting to do the show and Sony and its…they decided they’re going to pull the plug. Hopefully one day we’ll be able to revisit it…I wish the show was coming back.”

Hopefully, the series reboot isn’t completely dead in the water and another network will pick it up.

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