When you need an exorcism, you call a priest. But what happens to your exorcism when the priest is a little less than saintly himself?

You’re about to find out in The Exorcism of God.

Check out the trailer for the upcoming horror flick below.

“A long time ago, I committed a sin. I was weak,” Father Williams says ominously in the trailer. 

This one looks like it brings everything horror fans love about an exorcism film, from jump scares to body horror to seriously creepy possession faces. (Oh, and the ‘priest standing on a dark street, illuminated by a street light’ scene made famous by the OG Exorcist movie.) 

Here’s the official synopsis from Saban Films to give you a little more context for the movie:

Peter Williams, an American priest working in Mexico, is considered a saint by many local parishioners. However, due to a botched exorcism, he carries a dark secret that’s eating him alive until he gets an opportunity to face his own demon one final time.

The Exorcism of God stars Will Beinbrink (It Chapter Two) as Father Williams. He’s guided along his journey by Father Michael Lewis, played by Fresh Prince’s Joseph Marcell. The film also stars María Gabriela de Faría (Deadly Class), Hector Kotsifakis (Malverde: El Santo Patrón), and Irán Castillo (SOS Me estoy enamorando).

The Exorcism of God comes from writer Santiago Fernández Calvete (Sangre Vurdalak) and director Alejandro Hidalgo (The House at the End of Time).

You can experience the thrills in theaters and on VOD beginning March 11.

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So, will you check out The Exorcism of God? Let us know in the comments below.

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