The Star Trek Prodigy Season Finale is upon us Cadets! This two-part finale is going to span this and next week, trust me when I tell you it’s going to be a long week!

This feel different from the start

Starting right at the beginning we go right into the opening, I’ve noticed that the episodes that start like this are usually heavier. Stakes are high as the Diviner has called out to the crew. He offers a trade, the ship for all of the “unwanted” on Tars Lamora.

As the crew discusses it over they unanimously agree to go and save the miners. Dal on secondhand is hesitant, they are one protojump away from either Starfleet or The Diviner. With only 24 hours to decide, he says that THIS is their Kobyashimaru moment.

The crew of The USS Protostar (NX-76884)

Having thought it through the team decides to go ahead with the trade but they also came up with a plan of their own. Donning updated cadet uniforms, with Zero giving himself a paint job to match, the team heads to the bridge. Hologram Janeway is so impressed she joins in changing her image to match but with proper regulation Command Red shoulders.

At this point, I’m going to tell you to go and watch it. Next week I’ll give a full review of the entire finale. But…

Captains Log

Every episode leading up to this has added little bits here and there that will pay off in the finale!

The idea of updating the uniforms and making a little walk-on montage was great! Even with the music subtly dropping into Voyager-Esque tones since Janeway was happy to see her crew. Dal using this situation as a metaphor for the Kobyashimaru was spot on!

I also have a theory about a certain character that we’ve seen a few times this season. I have a feeling they are going to join the crew at the end of the season. But, they could also be the reason for a plot device going into season two.

Guess you’ll have to come back next week for the FULL SPOILER review!

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