Supernatural Academy is now out. You can watch the 16 episodes animated adaptation of the best-selling books by Jaymin Eve are now streaming on Peacock. Each episode is 30 minutes long so it is a fun easy watch.

What Supernatural Academy is all about

Supernatural Academy's twin sisters Jessa and Mischa

Supernatural Academy tells the story of two twin sisters, Jessa and Mischa, separated at birth. Jessa stays in the supernatural realm with her father. While-as Mischa goes to the human realm with their mother. Neither knows about the other until Mischa is in danger and her mother takes her back to the supernatural realm.

Obviously, the sisters are both thrown for a loop when they find out about each other. Especially Mischa who not only finds out she has a sister but that she is a werewolf, oh sorry I mean wolf shifter. They can change on the command, not during a full moon. Things get crazier when the sisters find out the reason they are just reuniting is that they have the Dragon Mark. The Dragon Mark is a marking that forces anyone who has it to serve the evil Dragon King. Their parents, Lienda and Jonathon, were trying to keep them safe by separating them.

The main reason Lienda decides to return is that someone is trying to capture Mischa, so keeping them apart is not protecting the twins as much as they think. Now the sisters, who have two very different personalities, must work together to protect themselves and the supernatural realm.

Why This Show Is Actually Really Good

Jessa and her friends welcoming Mischa to Supernatural Academy

Supernatural Academy pleasantly surprises me. I find myself liking it and liking the storyline. There is the mysterious appeal right off the bat. Jessa spies on the headmaster leading a boy into a doorway. Later we find out he has the same mark as the girls do, but theirs is hidden. So, is the headmaster a bad guy? So from the first episode, you are drawn in. then you add in the Harpy who tries to kill Mischa and now you’re left wondering why and how did they find them?

Undoubtedly the best part is the supernatural aspect. I feel like Mischa when she first gets there. There are mermaids, vampires, fairies, and trolls. The best of them are the shifters who can shift into anything from bunnies to dragons. This series gives me a lot of Monster High vibes, especially with the animation style. Also, reminds me of Disney’s Twitches. I find myself enjoying it a lot, but keep in mind this is generated for young adults. That means it may not be for everyone.

Catch the first season of Supernatural Academy on Peacock now. For more movie reviews don’t forget to come back to That Hashtag Show.