Season 3 episode 2 of A Discovery of Witches packs a serious punch, making huge plot moves with scenes that will have you on the edge of your seat!

The show is based on the series of fantasy novels by Deborah Harkness. Season 3 draws from the final book of Harkness’ trilogy, The Book of Life.

A Discovery of Witches S3E02 Review


A Blast From The Past

While this episode was full of ups and downs, major plot events, and shifting tensions, the main event can be summed up in three words: Jack is back.

That’s right. The boy Diana and Matthew left behind in London. (Centuries ago for Jack, but mere months for his adopted parents.) And you guessed it – he’s a vampire now.

A Discovery of Witches S3E02 - Jack's return

Now, I don’t want to spoil the episode, but Jack’s return means a lot for A Discovery of Witches. Baldwin is none too pleased another vampire has shown up suddenly. Matthew’s not happy Father Hubbard even made Jack a vampire in the first place. Jack’s (understandably) got some abandonment issues. And Diana’s caught up in the middle of it all. She still wants to mother Jack, but mothering an abandoned 8-year-old and mothering a centuries-old vampire are pretty different things.

Oh, and as the family dynamics continue to get more complicated and convoluted, we’re still desperately searching for a cure for vampire blood rage. Matthew and Marcus are considering an official split from their family. Peter Knox is scheming. And Matthew’s other abandoned son (sensing a theme?) decides to shake things up as well. This episode proves A Discovery of Witches has the potential to juggle a lot of different balls in an intriguing way. Let’s hope it doesn’t drop them in future episodes.

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!

Every single person in this episode was ready to throw down, and I’m here for it. 

Satu is finally going toe-to-toe with Peter Knox, which I love for so many reasons. First, f*** Peter Knox. Anyone making his life more difficult goes in my wins category. Also, Satu has always been powerful, but was massively underused in season 2. I’m excited that it looks like this season wants to set her up for big things. Also, the series has become pretty vampire-focused with the blood rage issue and all of Matthew’s family drama. I’m looking forward to seeing more cool witch magic in action!

Owen Teale as Peter Knox - A Discovery of Witches

And speaking of characters who deserve to be put in their place… Baldwin! This episode includes a MAJOR confrontation between Diana and Baldwin. For me, it was the most exciting part of the episode – and that’s saying a lot, because episode 2 was intense! Much like Peter, I’m waiting for Baldwin to get his comeuppance. This scene was certainly a start.

In other savage updates (I told you the episode was full of them) – let’s talk about an unexpected, but definitely not unwelcome, moment: Chris absolutely shutting down Matthew when the vampire tries to tell him he doesn’t understand discrimination and the dark things humans are capable of. Chris has always been so kind and mild-mannered, I didn’t expect him to snap like that. But I really appreciated him putting Matthew in his place. I think the vampire has the tendency to get caught up in a lot of “woe is me” angsty stuff. (In the “no one else suffers as I suffer!” sense.) Other people have problems too, Matthew!

All in all, episode two of A Discovery of Witches proved confrontational in the best way. I was thoroughly entertained, and became even more invested in the characters involved. What a way to make an episode!

Non-stop action, drama, and reveals

Steven Cree as Gallowglass - A Discovery of Witches _ Season 3

The pacing of this episode was much better than in the season premiere. I feel like so much more happened, and we’re finally seeing so many loose threads tying together as the series speeds towards its conclusion. 

Honestly, my biggest complaint about this episode is it might have been TOO much. (The plotline with Jack’s return seems to be progressing at hyperspeed – this could have easily played out over two episodes or more.) I’m a little worried the episode burned through so many dramatic plot elements and reveals, subsequent episodes will feel a little lacking. But I don’t want to get ahead of myself. Clearly, A Discovery of Witches still has plenty to wrap up. We’re definitely hurtling towards something big, and I can’t wait to see it.