Want to watch the (mis)adventures of a single drunk female trying her best to stay sober? Especially when confronted with things that desperately want her to drink? Then check out this trailer for Single Drunk Female below, and place your bets on how long she can keep up the sobriety:

Single Sober Female…But For How Long?

Taking bets on how long she stays sober.

Freeform just debuted this darkly hilarious trailer for Single Drunk Female on YouTube. That’s not all though. They’re also taking the time to tell us when we’ll actually get to see this show.

Apparently, Single Drunk Female will premiere on January 20, 2022, on Freeform. Those of you who don’t want to get cable though don’t have to worry. The show will then premiere on Hulu the very next day on January 21, 2022. Yeah, you still have to pay for a Hulu subscription, but that’s a given. At least those of you who already have a Disney+ bundle plan don’t have to worry about this.

Single Drunk Female: Details

Single Drunk Female key art.
But what if I don’t want to adult responsibly?

Single Drunk Female will soon be a new comedy TV series on Freeform. It’s set to debut for a single 10-episode season so far, but that might change depending on how successful it is. As for the plot, well, you might be able to guess it from the title. Still, Freeform has its own official synopsis for the show. Check it out below:

“After a public flame-out at a New York media company, 20-something alcoholic Samantha Fink is forced to seize the only chance she has to sober up and avoid jail time: moving back home with her overbearing mother, Carol. Back in Greater Boston, Samantha restarts her life, working at the local grocery store while surrounded by all of the triggers that made her drink in the first place. Confronted with remnants of her old life, including run-ins with her perfect former best friend, who is now dating her ex, Samantha sets out on a path to move past her worst self and figure out her best self. Kinda.”

Source: Freeform YouTube, Freeform