We are now halfway done with the series, and this one really shows how old we all are. From realizing “hip” isn’t hip to say anymore, to realizing the world is changing all around us, let’s see what this episode of And Just Like That… had in store.

Change Is In the Air

In this episode, our girls all are going through something. First Carrie’s back is not just because of old age. Huh, Dr. Google is wrong. Who would have thought? That being said, surgery is in order to fix the cognitive deformity that apparently is from birth. The girls rally together to create a schedule to make sure that they are there for her recovery. That leads us to the biggest surprise we saw coming.

Since the beginning of the series, Miranda’s attraction to Che is apparent. In this episode, she acts upon that attraction. Their tension reaches its climax, and Carrie, unfortunately, witnesses it all. Turns out that while on Carrie duty, Miranda decides to not just act on her emotions towards Che, but also do some daytime drinking. This causes Carrie to wet the bed and upset her as Miranda isn’t there to help. Also, this is the catalyst for Miranda to admit she hates her life. But, she still refuses to admit she has a drinking problem until she realizes she drunkenly orders a book to quit drinking. Her alcoholism is another point that is teased throughout the first episodes.

Now, on to Charlotte. Charlotte is dealing with Rose expressing she feels like a boy. Charlotte is trying to be supportive, but is unaware that Rose is changing her name at school. They are now going by the name Rock. Charlotte and Harry are struggling a little to accept that their little girl doesn’t feel like a girl at all. They are not sure if it’s a ploy for attention, as Rose is only 12, or if it’s something they really feel. The line of doing what is right and handling this the correct way is very thin. We’ll have to wait to see how this plays out.

Thoughts On This Episode

I absolutely love this episode. It is by far one of the funniest in the reboot. It also gives us a lot of nostalgia. Mostly that nostalgia comes from Samantha. They are mentioning her quite a bit. Carrie often talks about her friends always being there. Her go-to story is one about Samantha helping her out of a difficult situation. Why tell a story of Samantha and not Charlotte or Miranda, one who helps you to the bathroom? Nope, it is a story of Samantha. Also, we get that text exchange that ends with Carrie saying I miss you and not getting a response. Could it be that maybe, just maybe, we may see a cameo? It is seems doubtful, as Kim Cattrall is liking tweets about boycotting the show, but fans can hope.

I for one am liking the nostalgia and appreciate that we keep hearing about Samantha. I love that her character is not being cut off completely. Also that callback to season 2 is a nice Easter egg for die hard Sex and The City fans. We love reliving those crazy times. But, the whole episode isn’t all laughs. Let’s talk about that Che and Miranda scene.

Okay, I do not mind that Miranda likes Che. I think Che is what Miranda needs to fix her life. Che teaches Miranda to speak her mind and try different things. That is all great….but STEVE! Steve is a great guy who does not deserve what is happening. It is not his fault Miranda is unhappy as they both fell into a comfortable place. I do hope that he takes her admitting she’s unhappy in a somewhat good way and helps her find what she is looking for. I still absolutely love Che and how they pushes two of our girls out of their comfort zones in different ways.

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