We are on the fourth episode of HBO Max’s And Just Like That. If you’re behind, make sure to click here to get caught up! If you’re ready, let’s get started!

So There I Was…

In this week’s episode of And Just Like That, we meet Carrie’s real estate agent, Seema played by Sarita Choudhury. Dare I say it? Seema reminds me of Samantha! She is confident, bold, blunt, and petty which are traits Samanda Jones is very much known for. Although no one could ever replace our beloved Kim Cattrall, we do need a fierce new member to the trio. Seema is helping Carrie sell her and Big’s apartment because the memory of Big’s heart attack is it’s too painful. Seema is absolutely the breath of fresh air Carrie, and maybe the show, really needs.

This episode brings us so much nostalgia. Well, it did for me. we get a blast from the past with her puffy skirt! Ah, I for one miss seeing those big puffy skirts and dresses on her. Also, can we take a moment to appreciate how the cashier at the corner store remembers her? I can’t even get my local Starbucks to remember me, and I visit often enough! I love seeing Carrie slowly revert back to who she was before her marriage to Big. Although, I feel like maybe it will not be for the best. On top of moving back into her old apartment, and going back to old fashion, Carrie also begins smoking again. After so long, she is back with her one true love.

With these moves, it almost feels as though the series is trying to erase Big from her mind and the show. I don’t think you can go through a marriage and difficult time only to jump back to who you used to be overnight. There must be growth or some differences. I appreciate Seema’s bluntness when going over the apartment with Carrie. She doesn’t tiptoe around anything to remind Carrie that she is lucky for having at least some time with her soulmate.

And Just Like That, Charolette is being, well, Charolette

On the other side of things, Charlotte is getting closer to Lisa. We first met Lisa in episode one, because their children go to the same school. Charlotte is being Charolette and trying to impress her. She does it by helping her with her mother-in-law’s issues. Throughout the episode, we, and Charlotte, notice her friend group is not very diverse. Which, leads to some awkward moments of Charlotte trying to diversify her dinner party more in order to make Lisa feel comfortable.

I love how the group is becoming more diverse. Each woman branches out and meets new friends which adds so much more to the show. Not only does it help the story flow, but it also adds fresh new faces for us to enjoy. While initially, Miranda doesn’t make a good first impression with her Professor, they are creating a lovely bond. The professor questioning if motherhood is worth it is a powerful moment because I feel many of us question that.

Overall, the episode is a good one. It moves the story forward without anything super significant happening. New characters are shown before getting more screen time to give us time to appreciate them. The fact that we are not simply focusing on the three women is nice. Can we also appreciate how Stanford is written off after the unfortunate passing of Willie Garson? Apart from the divorce, it is in a pleasant way of sending him off to Japan with the TikTok star he manages. He will forever be in our hearts and missed dearly.

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