Did you know that Warren Ellis once wrote a webcomic/graphic novel called FreakAngels? You know, the same Warren Ellis who wrote for Castlevania? Well, did you know that webcomic/graphic novel is now getting an anime adaptation? Me neither, and it’s even got its own trailer now. Check it out below:

FreakAngels: Another Warren Ellis Masterpiece?

I totally expected “One-Winged Angel” to start playing during this trailer.

With the YouTube trailer above, Crunchyroll is proud to announce the anime adaptation of FreakAngels. This new postapocalyptic anime will debut exclusively on Crunchyroll on January 27, 2022. Interestingly enough, all 9 episodes of this anime will debut on that date, so you can just binge-watch it all in one go. The debut will also happen across 200 countries and territories, with subtitles in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, and Arabic. It sounds like Crunchyroll are really pulling out all the stops for this anime. From the basic premise, it sounds like a good one too.

FreakAngels: Details

FreakAngels key art.
Huh, looks like an interesting combination of X-Men and Mad Max. Wicked.

As I mentioned before, FreakAngels is the anime adaptation of the webcomic and graphic novel of the same name by Warren Ellis. Said webcomic/graphic novel even won “Favourite Web-Based Comic” Eagle Award in 2010 and 2012. Crunchyroll have even hired some big name anime producers to work on it. They’ve got Hiroshi Shimizu (MEGALOBOX, Blue Exorcist, Lupin III) working as the character designer, and Osamu Mauyama (Made in Abyss, Studio Ghibli) working as the art director. Still not convinced? Well, maybe the plot synopsis from Crunchyroll might convince you then. Check it out below:

“Welcome to Whitechapel: last bastion of humanity. Six years ago, the world “ended” in a single, apocalyptic event, trapping Great Britain behind a mysterious dome of purple energy. London’s last neighborhood has persevered thanks to the protection of the “FreakAngels” — a small group of psychically-powered twenty-three-year-olds. Their fragile peace becomes threatened, however, when an exiled friend returns, exposing past conspiracies and new conflicts within their fractured, makeshift family. Can Whitechapel survive?”

So yeah, FreakAngels sounds like a combination of X-Men and Mad Max, all set in London. All by the writer for Netflix’s Castlevania to boot. What’s not to get excited about?

Source: Crunchyroll Collection YouTube, Wikipedia