Get ready horror fans, Gun Interactive just announced a new game. The creators of Friday the 13th The Game took advantage of The Game Awards 2021 to debut their new game set to come out next year. That game will be The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

The Gameplay

From the trailer we can see that this game will be much like their Friday the 13th The Game. That means multiplayer gameplay where the objective is to try and not let Leatherface catch you. The trailer also shows us a nice view of the house from the film that came out in 1974. With that, we can assume the game will be centered on the famous farm from said film. That means that, like the Friday the 13th game, this too will be fairly remote.

Although, the real take away from the trailer was the first look at the main character of this game, Leatherface. We can see him looking into the camera towards the end of the trailer. And, I must say, he looks terrifyingly amazing. He looks incredibly realistic. That will definitely add to the gameplay and make it much more terrifying. (As if that was needed, since this is based on a true story.) Hopefully we get a narrative on the story behind the franchise throughout the game

Even though there was no gameplay in the actual trailer, we saw enough to be excited. If you have ever played Friday the 13th the Game, you can get a sense of what you are in for. That does not take away from the game in itself, because Jason and Leatherface are terrifying in their own right. But, it helps to get an idea of how the game may be.

What We Know So Far

There is still not much information available on the game. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game webpage has no more details we can go by, but the game’s trailer. A release date is not known yet, but we can assume it will be for 2022.

The trailer does say based on a true story, but we do not know what the game will actually focus on. For example, it could focus on the historical events, the films, or combine the two during gameplay. Another missing link of information is what platforms it may be available for, but we hope it will be the usual PC, PlayStation, and Xbox release. As you can see, not a whole lot is known, but the trailer sure is exciting. We hope to know more soon so we can get our running shoes on and make sure Leatherface doesn’t get us.