Hot Topic is at it again. They have released two new Critical Role T-Shirts. One new Vex and Vax shirt, and the other is everyone’s favorite grizzly bear.

This t-shirt looks amazing and with its pop art and comic panel style this will a fun one to wear:

Hot Topic Vex and Vax T-Shirt

Here’s the description from Hot Topic:

It’s always nice having a sibling who has your back! Rep your favorite half elven twins from Critical Role, Vax’ildan and Vex’ahlia, with this tee! This tee features Vax and Vex in action in a panel pop art style.

This one is available right now and is on sale for $16.06-$18.83 at the time of publishing. Interestingly, it takes the best of both pop art and comic art and blends them together perfectly. This is the perfect shirt to wear when watching either all of Campaign 1 or all of the Vox Machina one-shots or even the animated series.

Hot Topic – Critical Role Wonder Bear T-Shirt

Now for those who remember: last year we got the release of the Vox Machina Chibi Pins and it looks like the Trinket one is the design for this new shirt:

This chibi design is so cute on the shirt and makes it look just that much cuter:

Here’s the description from Hot Topic:

What’s an adventuring party without a cute animal companion? This grey tee from Critical Role features an adorable image of Vex’ahlia’s companion, Trinket, eating a jar of honey. It’s not good to go into battle with an empty stomach, after all!

This shirt is also available right now and is on sale for $16.03-$18.83. This one is definitely one of the cuter shirts that have been made. And is one fun design that fans will surely enjoy and always want to wear. This is one of those shirts that if you own the chibi pin, then pinning it to this shirt will make it look even cooler.

These shirts alongside some of the other ones from HT are just some of the best shirts ever. And hopefully, HT has new ones releasing both at the end of the year, and into the new year.

These would also work as Christmas gifts as well. And if you’re still trying to find other Critical Role related gifts, we have an entire Gift Guide that you can check out.

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