In one of the most anticipated films of the year, Spider-Man: No Way Home is already shattering ticket sales records. Part of the reason for this is that thanks to recent trailers and posters we know that Spider-Man (Tom Holland) is going to have his hands full battling the Villains of past Spider-Man movies. Just in case you somehow missed all of this Spider-Man will be facing off against Electro (Jamie Fox), Doc Ock (Alfred Molina), the Green Goblin (Willem Dafoe), and more. Well, thanks to an exclusive interview with Screen Rant Kevin Feige reveals why they have brought these villains back.

Kevin Feige Talks About The Return Of The Old Spider-Man Villains

Kevin Feige Talks About The Return Of The Old Spider-Man Villains

With all the excitement about the return of these old villains to Spider-Man: No Way Home, Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige sits down with Screen Rant and talks about will they decided to bring them back.

I think if we’ve learned anything over the years, and particularly just the deal between Disney and Sony to do these movies together, that almost anything is possible if enough people believe in it and have a passion for it. Kicking off with Peter Parker’s identity being revealed at the end of Far From Home immediately set us on a course for things we’d never seen before in a Spider-Man movie. That’s the fun of making movies, is to do things people haven’t seen before, and in the MCU there are ways that lots of amazing things can happen, and that Dr. Strange would be a good conduit to that.

Kevin Feige Talks About The Return Of The Old Spider-Man Villains

So it is good to see that Disney and Sony are working together to bring back all these villains and tie the movies together through the Multiverse. But even with this fans are still wanting to know if we are going to see Toby Maguire and Andre Garfield reprise their roles as Spider-Man. Spider-Man: No Way Home will be exclusively in theaters on December 17.

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