When you hear the name Scott Snyder to the first thing you might think of is DC Comics. I mean why wouldn’t you? Snyder is responsible for some amazing series like Batman, Justice League, Detective Comics, and many more. But for those that didn’t know Scott Snyder has left DC (for now) and started on a new adventure with his creative studio Best Jacket Press and ComiXology. Well, this past week I had a chance to sit down with Snyder and talk about ComiXology and his new projects. You can check out that interview below.

Scott Snyder Talks ComiXology, Batman And More

Known for his work at DC on Justice League, Batman, Detective Comics, and other hit series, Scott Snyder of Best jacket Press has started a new adventure with ComiXology. With New projects like We Have Demons, Clear, and Night of the Ghoul, Snyder’s new stories are now just a click away.

The New Projects of Scott Snyder

While Scott Snyder will always be known for his amazing work at DC, it is his new work that is available now on comiXology that you are going to want to check out. We Have Demons, Clear, and Night of the ghoul released this past October for the comiXology Originals line of exclusive digital content. I myself had a chance to check out the first couple issues from these series and they were fantastic. The great news is this is not all Snyder has in store for us here is a list of his upcoming projects.

  • We Have Demons
  • Clear
  • Night of the Ghoul
  • Barnstormers
  • Book of Evil
  • Canary
  • Duck and Cover
  • Dudley Datson and the Forever Machine

We Want To Hear From You

Are you excited about the new projects heading our way from Scott Snyder? What are your thoughts on the ComiXology format? Also, we have to ask, what is some of your favorite work from Snyder? That Hashtag Show wants to hear from you!

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