With the last-minute save from Yale, the Omega Rangers are across the other side of the galaxy. The Eltarian Armada descends on Angel Grove.

Out of the Blue Rescue and Call!

Like I said the rangers are now safely back on Safehaven. With the assist from the newest Blue Omega Ranger calling on Arkon to help. The master arch was already active and Yale was drawn to it to save his comrades. While the rangers recoup, Trini was able to get Xi back in some sort of working order only to find there are dozens of messages from Tommy back on Earth calling for help.

Back in Angel Grove

The Rangers at the Promethea with Green Ranger Matt start fighting off the Eltarian forces. Zartus sends in his Sentry Force to even the odds and as the tides are beginning to turn the Omega Rangers appear. Bulk and Skull are nearby trying to document the occasion.

An incredible fight ensues and everyone gets their time to shine. but this being Yale’s first big fight he may have gotten an extra panel or two.

Just as the Rangers are starting to turn the tides. Zartus calls upon his aces up his armor, summoning two Empyreals to take care of the situation. one of them lets off a massive explosion taking out much of Angel Grove. It’s so big you can see it from the moon.

As Zedd is seeing this massive outburst of energy. The final empyreal appears and nearly shattered the moon just blasting Bandora Palace (Rita / Zedd’s castle)

In the aftermath of the explosion in Angel Grove, all the rangers make a tactical retreat thru the Master Arch that got the Omega’s there. Where they went is unknown but safe to assume they went to Safehaven.

Aye Yi Yi!

Billy and Alpha still in the bowels of the Command Center are almost captured by Eltarians. But even Alpha 5 has a few tricks up his sleeve. After they took care of their immediate problem and don’t hear any more Eltarian force so they decide to take Billy’s contingency plan to save Zordon to the Promethea.

Just when Billy and Alpha make their move they are ambushed by 4 assailants: Goldar, Squat, Baboo, and Finster! Billy and Alpha are ready to put up a fight when the mysterious Master Arch opens a portal right behind them with Jason stepping out telling the clueless quartet that their master is destroyed. They are skeptical but Jason blows them off to either believe him or not.

By the end of the book, Zartus has claimed Earth as part of the Eltarian Empire.

Thoughts from the Grid

This issue was a great straight timeline of what’s going on right in the here and now. Yes, the storylines jump thru the various parts and characters but it’s cohesive, feels like it has one thru line. Seeing Yale make his debut and win over the heart of a certain pink ranger gave me all the Cat-Daddy vibes that I had in ISSUE #10, Having the Rangers make a retreat was a smart idea to regroup. Possibly have the MM Team see what it’s like in the outer depths of space.

Having Zedd’s castle blown up this early I feel will have a huge payoff down the road too. But we will have to wait for that!

Also, Ryan and I chatted a while back and he mentioned that trying to balance this many characters can be daunting. So far he handled it very well in this issue, I hope that stays consistent going forward.

Space Jumping Covers

All Covers come with Virgin Variants. I for one am excited about these Yejin Park covers! These variants are at an affordable cost. I personally can’t justify a cover over $7-8. So this will hopefully bring back readers to collect variants.

How do you feel about this rollercoaster ride? Are you just waiting for the moment when the story building takes that dive over the hill into a massive battle or twist? Let us know in the comments below.

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