New season, same old shenanigans’. The kingdom has gotten itself into trouble and it’s up to Patrick to save them…Again. Crossing Swords is back for a second season thanks to Hulu and Sony. And so today Hulu gave us a whole new trailer and key art to hold us over for the season to drop next month. Now go take a look at the trailer and key art to get ready for a good laugh.

Crossing Swords Season 2

We can see in the trailer the Kingdom in Crossing Swords is in despair. On top of that, the old king has come back from the dead to conquer them all. And, as Patrick says “How is it always up to me to save the Kingdom?” Well, because as we know from season one, the rulers are no use, so it will fall on Patrick to once again save the day.

In the key art, Patrick has a scared look on his face while the king is smiling away. That is a great representation of who is the real hero. Not to mention, the catchphrase “Hold on to your butts” shows us what’s in store for the audience.

Crossing Swords is from the creators of Robot Chicken, John Harvatine and Tom Root. Also from the Robot Chicken producers Seth Green, Matthew Senrich, and Eric Towner. Giving us the voices of some of these charming characters are Nicholas Hoult ( The Great), Adam Ray (The Heat), Tara Strong (Batman Hush), Luke Evans (Beauty and the Beast), and of course Seth Green (Family Guy).

Crossing Swords

Season Two Synopsis

 Another ten episodes of bingeable mayhem, representing the next chapter in the adventures of Patrick the long-suffering squire (Nicholas Hoult) as he climbs the ladder of knighthood in the service of the volatile King Merriman (Luke Evans). There are new friends to make, new enemies to vanquish, and new horrors to scar Patrick for life; including bloodthirsty leprechauns, an island of killer monkeys, and a shadowy villain who could destroy everything Patrick has ever known!

Crossing Swords Season two Premieres December 10th on Hulu. Make sure to check out That Hashtag Show for more on Hulu and other TV and streaming series releases.