There is a new villain coming to Marvel this February. Since the being Spider-Man has had to deal with a lot of villains, especially Goblins. Well, now he will have an all-new Goblin to add to the list…Queen Goblin. The Queen Goblin will make her first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #88 this February. Here are the official details from Marvel.

All-new Spider-Man villain Queen Goblin debuts this February!

As seen in a series of teasers today, Spider-Man’s life has been plagued by Goblins for almost 60 years. And this February, a brand-new one will glide into Ben Reilly’s life to continue this tradition. This February, brace yourself for the introduction of QUEEN GOBLIN! This vicious new Goblin with long roots in Spider-Man history is set to put a terrifying spin on AMAZING SPIDER-MAN’s current Beyond Era. Designed by Marvel Stormbreaker Patrick Gleason, QUEEN GOBLIN will make her explosive first appearance in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #88 and continue to plague Spider-Man and much of NYC in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #89 and AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #90.


Queen Goblin

“Queen Goblin was one of the coolest ideas from our BEYOND story summit,” says Exec. Editor Nick Lowe. “All of the writers were riffing on the concept and character and when Pat Gleason dug in on the design we all LOST it. You aren’t going to believe this newest addition to Spidey’s rogue’s gallery!”

“When Nick and Zeb asked me to help with character design for QUEEN GOBLIN in Beyond I was thrilled,” says Gleason. “We went New-Medieval with some tweaks on the old Goblin toys. What’s even more fun is letting her off the chain and watching the rest of the art team like Arthur Adams run with her. The writing team has been working like crazy to make her debut worthy of a Queen. I’m writing a scene now that will hopefully melt some brains too.”

Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man #88 – #90 Queen Goblin Appearance release schedule

For those that are excited about the Queen Goblin here is a list of the issues that as of now she will be making her appearance in.

February 2: Amazing Spider-Man #88 by Zeb Wells and artist Michael Dowling

Photo: Marvel

February 16: Amazing Spider-Man #89 by Patrick Gleason and artist Mark Bagley

Queen Goblin
Photo: Marvel

February 23: Amazing Spider-Man #90 by writer and artist Patrick Gleason

Queen Goblin
Photo: Marvel

You will be able to find these issues at a local comic shop near you.

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Source: Marvel