Disney’s Olaf Presents is a hilarious masterpiece retelling the iconic tales through the eyes of a snowman.

Olaf as Ariel in Olaf Presents


Olaf, voiced by Josh Gad, is also one of my all-time favorite Disney sidekicks. He’s quick with the one-liners, always tells it like it is, and is a hilarious storyteller. In Olaf Presents, Olaf does what Olaf does best. Tells hilarious 2-minute renditions of The Little Mermaid, Moana, The Lion King (my personal favorite), Aladdin, and Tangled. 

Personally, Olaf’s recaps/retellings are some of my favorite moments in Frozen and Frozen 2. So, why not give him his own shorts series retelling classic Disney tales with some of our favorite sidekicks in Arendelle? Olaf Presents is laugh-out-loud funny for all ages. While not all shorts are created equal, my favorite retelling is The Lion King followed very closely by The Little Mermaid. Hopefully, we’ll get more hilarious retellings in the future!


We, fortunately, had the honor of attending the press junket for the new series. Gad, who has voiced Olaf for the last decade, is so excited to revisit these stories in a new way. While being able to emulate the footsteps of the late, great Robin Williams was a “pinch myself” moment for him. Gad also shares his personal story of seeing The Little Mermaid for the first time!

“Visiting these moments from all of the films was a joy. But specifically, the movies I grew up with…I was at that perfect age during the second golden age of Disney Animation. I remember seeing The Little Mermaid in the theater and being like, ‘what is this?’ Why? It feels like a Broadway show on screen. It was the first time I can remember applauding in a theater after the songs were done.” 

-Josh Gad on working on Olaf Presents


Of course, Gad can’t be the only one having fun while working on Olaf Presents! Producer Jennifer Newfield and Director Hyrum Osmond both agree that listening to him sing, A Whole New World in Olaf’s voice is a cannot-miss moment! 

“…referring to those different takes of A Whole New World, it’s funny [because] there are 10 other takes that didn’t make the cut”

Director Hyrum Osmond.

When it comes to choosing which stories Olaf would retell it was very serious business. How to approach the stories: like people have seen them or like they have not? In the end, it came down to picking stories with great moments. As well as, stories that came before Frozen.

“Olaf would have to educate himself and read these stories and want to tell them. So, they all take place before Arendelle existed. So, that was really a deciding factor.”

– Producer, Jennifer Newfield

Olaf Presents is streaming now on Disney+! Make sure to check it out and come back to That Hashtag Show for all your Disney needs!