As a retired combat veteran, I fully understand the struggles soldiers go through when battling PTSD. For those who don’t know, the average suicide rate for soldiers is around 22 a day, and I think most of us can agree that it is 22 too many. Many Soldiers like myself find it hard to talk about or escape the issues that arise from struggling with PTSD. Well brothers and sisters we have help. There are a lot of great organizations and if you are a fan of gaming you just might want to check out the great people over at Stack Up. Stack Up’s mission is to “Combating Veteran Suicide Through Gaming,” founded in 2015 Stack Up has helped over 30 thousand veterans.

“Veterans Are Our Mission. Gaming Is Our Passion.” – Stack Up

Stack Up is a military charity supporting active and veteran service members from the US and allied nations by promoting positive mental health and combating veteran suicide through gaming and geek culture. We utilize a comprehensive approach consisting of four pillar programs: The StacksSupply CratesAir Assaults, and the Stack Up Overwatch Program [StOP].

So Why Video Games?

We recognize that post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, and emotional distress affect millions of individuals and are a leading cause of isolation, persistent health issues and hardships within our community.

​Active duty military personnel face extraordinary pressure in the line of duty. However, after their service is over, we understand another challenge begins for many. It is okay to want to be healthy and seek help, whether facing troubling times, feeling a lack of purpose, or having lost the will to persevere. At Stack Up, we aim to break down the stigmas associated with these issues through the use of gaming.

You can learn more about the programs at Stack Up by clicking here.

Why Am I Writing About This?

As a veteran and a geek, I battle with the struggles of PTSD every day. I have lost too many brothers and sisters who thought there was nowhere else to turn. I myself have walked down that dark path but luckily through the power of my family, friends, and pop culture, I never completed the journey down that path.

It is good that there are organizations out there like Stack Up. One thing we all seem to forget a lot of times is that one thing does not work for everyone. For those that love gaming, Stack Up could be a great help for those that feel like there is nowhere else to go. Please remember, YOU MATTER, and if you need help now tell someone or call the Veterans Crisis Line at 1-800-273-8255 and press 1. Also if you feel like talking geek hit me up on social media at @starwarsnerd574.

Also if you are going to be attending LA Comic Con, Stack Up will also be there in the gaming hall. LA Comic Con will take place Dec 3-5 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.