A House on the Bayou, the first of 8 straight to streaming films from Blumhouse and Epix, is almost ready to hit our small screens. But first, I had a chance to sit down with writer/director Alex McAuley to discuss his inspiration for the film. As well as, the pressures of being the first movie for the Blumhouse/Epix deal. And, of course, finding the perfect actors to tell his story.

Jessica Chambers (Angela Sarafyan)

“I was super excited to be the first [movie] cause there’s nothing to compare it to, really…I’m actually really thrilled to break the ice with this whole thing.”

-Alex McAuley about being the first of 8 films be released for the Blumhouse/Epix made-for-streaming deal

Inspired by his friends and personal relationships during the pandemic, A House on the Bayou tells the story of married couple Jessica (Angela Sarafayn) and John Chambers (Paul Schneider), and their daughter Anna (Lia McHugh). After discovering that her marriage is far from perfect, Jessica plans a family vacation in order to reconnect. Hoping for the perfect getaway, the couple and their daughter stay in a mansion in rural Louisiana. However, the peaceful weekend takes a sinister turn after their uninvited neighbors intrude on the weekend. And dark secrets test the family bond.

Check out our interview with Director, Alex McAuley below.

A House on the Bayou premiers on November 19th, 2021 on EPIX and for digital purchase via Paramount Home Entertainment.

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