Keira Knightley’s upcoming true crime feature is currently casting key roles involved in the Boston Strangler case.

The 20th Century Studios production tells the true story of Loretta McLaughlin (played by Knightley), the first reporter to connect the murders and break the story of the Boston Strangler. The film begins shooting in Boston in December, with production currently seeking out actors to fill key roles.

The studio is currently looking to cast main suspects in the case, including Daniel Marsh, George Nassar, and Albert DeSalvo. Casting also looks to fill out the Boston police department, the Boston Record American newsroom, and more key parts related to the case. You can find the list of roles below.

Boston Strangler Suspects

The film is currently casting for the following key suspects in the Boston Strangler case:

DANIEL MARSH – A prime suspect in the Boston Strangler murders, and the ex-boyfriend of one of the victims. After getting kicked out of Harvard for drugs, he ends up a patient in a psychiatric hospital. Casting calls for a man in his late 20s/30s.

ALBERT DESALVO – Another prime suspect in the investigation, described as a “con-man and creep with an impressive rap sheet,” who would pretend to be a maintenance man or modeling scout to lure in victims. He confesses to the Boston Strangler killings, but it’s later revealed the confession was falsely constructed by his defense attorney.

GEORGE NASSAR – DeSalvo’s prison cellmate and former mob hitman, who is identified in a police lineup as the killer. He helps DeSalvo construct his confession. Casting calls for a man in his late 30s/40s.

Cops & Journalists

The casting call also identifies several key roles within the police force and the newspaper which will appear in the movie.

EDDIE CORSETTI – A chain-smoking, old-school-style reporter, who initially butts heads with Loretta’s unorthodox reporting. Casting calls for a man in his late 60s/70s, described as a Harry Dean Stanton or Bruce Dern type.

ARTHUR GULLY – Another old-school, chain-smoking veteran reporter and the pit boss of the newsroom, who comes to admire and respect Loretta’s tenacity. Casting for late 50s/60s man.

FRITZ – A Metro reporter amused by Loretta, but afraid she’s sealed her fate when she runs a story critical of the police department. Casting calls for an attractive man in his late 30s/40s.

STANLEY – A crime scene photographer who gives Loretta the scoop on F. Lee Bailey. Casting calls for a man 50s/60s.

CHIEF SHERRY  – The stubborn and bullish Chief of Boston Police, who finds himself outmatched by the city’s first serial killer. Casting a man in his 60s to play Irish-American.

DETECTIVE LINSKI – A gruff NYC homicide detective, investigating a crime he believes to be committed by the Boston Strangler. And when he reaches out to Boston PD to no avail, he heads to the city to take matters into his own hands. Casting a man in his 50s to play Italian-American.

More Key Roles

In addition to the police, journalists, and key suspects, the movie is also casting the following roles to tell the story of the Boston Strangler.

F LEE BAILEY – Albert DeSalvo’s hotshot lawyer, who promises the man a book deal in exchange for his confession.

RICHARD DESALVO – Construction worker, ex-con, and brother of Albert DeSalvo who comes in contact with Loretta. Casting late 30s/40s, but older looking from years of hard living.

ANNE – The mother of one of the girls murdered by the Boston Strangler. Loretta visits her every week, just like her daughter did before her death. Casting a woman in her late 50s/60s.

DR. GRAYSON – A Harvard psychiatry professor and criminology pioneer, who gives Loretta a profile of the Boston Strangler and reveals the work of a copycat killer. Casting a man in his 40s/50s.

HARRISON – A disfigured ex-con who reveals to Loretta details about DeSalvo’s coached confession. Casting a man in his 40s.

JOHN BOTTOMLY III – Hand-picked by the Massachusetts Attorney General to lead the Boston Strangler task force, he gets caught up in the case and takes DeSalvo’s confession himself, compromising the integrity of the investigation. Casting a man in his late 40s/50s.

The Boston Strangler pic comes from writer/director Matt Ruskin (Crown Heights). Ridley Scott and Kevin Walsh produce the feature under Scott Free. Tom Ackerley and Josey McNamara of LuckyChap Entertainment also produce. Production begins in Boston later this year.

So, are you excited for a new true crime story to come to life on screen? Want to play couch detective on the Boston Strangler case? Let us know in the comments below.

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