Well, we still don’t have a new Fantastic Four movie yet, but that does not mean we are not getting any new content. Marvel has announced their new Fantastic Four Infinity Comic series is now available on Marvel Unlimited. This four-part series will have a new release on the app every Tuesday. Here are the official details from Marvel.


 Fantastic Four

An all-new Infinity Comic is now available on Marvel Unlimited! A four-part FANTASTIC FOUR series launched today, and will be available exclusively on the app every Tuesday. The series is written by Zac Gorman (Great Lakes AvengersThe Unbeatable Squirrel Girl) with a creative team including artist Stefano Landini and colorist Ian Herring.

The Fantastic Four plan a glitzy night out at an interdimensional restaurant—only to be taken hostage by a gang of aliens set on robbing the place!

The Creative Team Thoughts

Writer Zac Gorman says, “Weird Marvel has always been my favorite. When most kids were into Wolverine, I was digging through long boxes for Speedball and Man-Thing comics. Fantastic Four always felt like the borderline for that. They’re the weird comic that went mainstream… that’s what I love about them. Well, that and the fact that they’re stuck with each other. They’re just a big weird family and who doesn’t relate to that?”

Artist Stefano Landini adds, “I have dreamed since I was a kid that I would draw the Fantastic Four one day. When I was asked to do it in this new format it was absolutely amazing. A fantastic dream come true.”

 Fantastic Four Marvel Unlimited

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Source: Marvel