On this week’s The Walking Dead: World Beyond – Quatervois, Iris plans a break-in, Huck plays detective, and Silas debates his next move.  As a bonus, Kublek’s power wanes and we see a familiar face in the crowd. It is an episode of crossroads and decisions. Will they be the right ones?


Hal Cumpston as Silas, Aliyah Royale as Iris, Nicolas Cantu as Elton, Ted Sutherland as Percy discuss the plan to break into the CRM RF.
The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 2, Episode 5, “Quatervois” – Photo Credit: Steve Swisher/AMC


Iris, Felix, Percy, Will, and Elton travel to the containment center to find Silas.  The group hears the music of the center, and they follow it.  Will and Felix stay outside the perimeter in order to secure an escape route while Iris, Percy, and Elton (once again in his TuffySkin suit) go on ahead.  Though Percy and Elton greet Silas with a hug when they find him, Iris keeps her distance.

Iris updates Silas on the status of Campus (gone) and the culprit (CRM).  The group also tells Silas that Huck was a double agent for CRM.  Iris blows past the small talk and details Will’s plan to break into the research facility.  Silas wants to tell his boss Dennis, but Percy insists that all CRM people are liars.  When Iris asks Silas if he is with them, he walks away to think.

It is only after Iris privately makes an appeal to Silas that he agrees.  “We need you.  Please say you’ll help us,” Iris says.  Silas lights up just a little.  Iris gives Silas a long hug and then gives him a drawing of the original four from Campus.


After Hope has a nightmare about Leo getting himself killed for rattling too many cages over Iris, she is anxious to talk to him.  When Hope gets to the lab, her teacher Professor Ellis is there with Leo, Lyla, and a mycologist named Dr. Amanda Spiegel.  It seems that not only does Ellis believe that Hope’s yeast theory is promising, but his preliminary testing with Spiegel has yielded positive results.  Hope is clearly a little thrilled by the news, but still rattled by her nightmare.  Hope asks to talk to Leo privately.  Once alone, Hope spills her guts to Leo about Iris, Felix, and Will.

Annet Mahendru as Huck, Maximilian “Max” Osinski as Dennis discuss the Civilian Oversight Committee.
The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 2, Episode 5, Quatervois. – Photo Credit: Steve Swisher/AMC


While Huck is sitting in a cafeteria deep in thought, Dennis sits down at her table with a cup of coffee.  Huck thanks Dennis for the use of his truck and his trust.  “We’re still married,” Dennis says as if that is the only reason to trust her.  Dennis notices the newspaper in front of Huck.  Under the founding compact of the CR, the Civilian Oversight Committee is in charge, not the military.  After Omaha, more people want the CRM to be in charge.  And just like that, we finally have a reason for the CRM to take out two cities.  Still seems a bit extreme.


Iris and Felix concoct a plan for Indira’s people to pretend they caught them.  This gives Iris and Felix a way into the RF, and Silas gives them a way out.  Concerned for Elton, Iris will not let him go along.  Iris is even more worried about Percy’s fate, so she tells him to stay behind and wait.  Iris kisses Percy goodbye, but we all know he is not going to stay in the Perimeter.  Especially after smoochies.  Percy dons Elton’s coat and his persona.  

By the time Iris and Felix realize Percy has followed them, it is too late for him to turn back.  Percy swears that he is there to protect Iris, not to get revenge against Huck.  Not sure if anyone believes that, least of all Percy.  The CRM patrol from the facility has spotted them, and the group is taken in for questioning.


As Iris, Felix, and Percy cool their heels in the holding pen, Kublek watches them warily on surveillance.  Down the hall, Huck uses the chance to snoop in her mother’s office.  After a few attempts, Huck succeeds at breaking into Kublek’s safe.  Inside is a treasure trove of data on transmission reports from Omaha.  By the time an officer finds Huck, she has already left Kublek’s office, but it is clear she had been in there alone.

When Huck joins Kublek in the surveillance room, she does not tell her mother that Percy is not Elton.  Kublek does not seem to know the difference, but she does confirm that the stories of the three match up.  Huck swears that they have no knowledge of CRM that they should not, other than the map they took at the start of their journey.  

“They’re not a threat,” Huck says.  I get the feeling Kublek really wants to believe her more than she actually does.  “Trust is everything,” Kublek says.  When Kublek asks Huck why she had been in her office, Huck says she had wanted to ask Kublek to lunch.  The lie appears to be enough for Kublek, so off she goes with her daughter while Leo is reunited with his daughters in the holding pen.


At the containment center, Silas acts against his instincts and does not tell Dennis about the scheme to help Iris.  Silas asks to borrow Dennis’ truck for some work, and Dennis obliges.  Like Kublek with Huck, Dennis wants to trust Silas.  And in both cases, they know deep down they can’t.

At the RF, Kublek settles down to lunch with Huck.  Huck apologizes for her actions, and she says that being undercover has taken a toll on her.  Kublek asks about a memory from Huck’s childhood.  Huck says she has no memory of it.  Since Huck saw a picture of that memory in Kublek’s desk and Kublek knows Huck was in her office, it seems that both women are posturing.

Aliyah Royale as Iris and Nico Tortorella as Felix reunite with Joe Holt as Leo and Alexa Mansour as Hope.
The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 2, Episode 5, Quatervois. – Photo Credit: Steve Swisher/AMC


Iris and Felix tell Leo the escape plan.  Leo is worried that the CRM will kill them if they are caught, but Felix argues that Leo and Hope are too important to the RF to kill.  Felix notes that their importance gives the group leverage if they are caught.  Leo asks Hope for her opinion.  Hope reminds Leo about when he had said that they did not have any choices in life anymore.  “This is the only choice we’ve got,” Hope says.  Leo insists on telling Lyla first, and the girls reluctantly agree.  Leo can’t find Lyla though.  Probably because she is tucked away in her secret lab downstairs.

At the gates to the RF, Silas waits in Dennis’ truck for the group to exit, but the only thing that comes out the door is a mess of soldiers.  Silas is taken away at gunpoint.  Inside, while Leo looks for Lyla, Huck intercepts him.  Huck gives Leo the evidence she collected from Kublek’s office.  Huck explains that the data shows that empties were trucked into the location to cause the fall of Omaha.

In the intake facility downstairs, the newest test subject is a CRM soldier.  This shocks Lyla.  Still, the orders are clear.  The orders are also from the new head of CRM.  Kublek has returned to the CR indefinitely.  In her place?  Jadis.


The plot is moving full steam ahead, and we finally have some insight as to why the CRM destroyed two cities.  I understand the military wants to have full control of the CR, but it still seems a bit shortsighted to murder tens of thousands of people to do it.  Especially when those people could be of use to the new society.  Maybe the military would go to absurd lengths to cover up their part in a scheme to take over.  However, It seems much easier to throw a coup than to order the deaths of ⅔ of the population.

As the episode title (Quatervois) suggests, the group has reached a crossroad. No one has changed course more than Huck. By stealing the information from her mother’s office, Huck has chosen her side. Though Iris has already gone through her turning point, Leo and Hope are still at their own crossroads. Leo wants to trust Lyla, but will Lyla choose him? Lyla has given every indication that she will turn on CRM under the right circumstances. We just have to hope that when Lyla comes to her crossroad, she chooses Leo.


  • Iris returns the fossil Elton had given her at the start of the journey for defense and luck.
  • Asha told Elton the truth about her mother’s illness.