On the last day of MCM Comic Con London 2021 I attended a panel on the Creator Stage delivered by Melanin Gamers.

Creator Stage

The name of the panel was “The Future of Gaming: The Importance Of Representation” and the panellists were Creativelyanzy, The Dark Knight, Koye, Dandy and Honey. Melanin Gamers often speak at schools and other events

The Creator Stage exists for content creators of various types to talk about issues across the entertainment industry. The weekend featured many very subjects. NFTs, starting a writing career, fantasy worldbuilding and creating an audio drama. The creator stage lets those creatives offer insight such as how to get involved in their part of the industry.

Melanin Gamers

The Future of Gaming panel was a wide ranging discussion on the video game industry and its stakeholders. Conversations around harassment while playing online and good practice in representation took place during the panel. The clip below specifically goes into an example of the fallout from receiving harassment online for simply playing a game.

Check out the clip below where the panel talk about what diversity in the workplace really means.

Without proper research representation can often become harmful. The panel members examined the mistake that developers often make. Assuming that an ethnic group or minority is a monolith and not in and of itself diverse

You can learn more about Melanin Gamers through their website.