Not a day goes by that we all hear rumors of the X-Men showing up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). It seems that before each movie or Disney+ series fans and media outlets are looking at every clue hoping to find that new X-Men connection. Well, now one rumor that was reported by Murphy’s Multiverse is getting new light again. Back in September, they did a piece saying that actor Killian Scott would be playing a Skrull in the Secret Invasion Disney+ series. Well now it is being reported that they were right but he will also have ties to the X-men.

Secret Invasion

Killian Scott Will Play A Skrull With X-Men Ties In Marvel’s Secret Invasion

In a new report from The Direct, it seems that Murphy’s Multiverse report might be right and that Killian Scott will be playing a Skrull named Fiz. If that name sound familiar then you probably at one point read some X-Men comics in 1999. Fiz not only has the capability to change into other alien races, but he can also grow and shrink in size.

Secret Invasion

So what does this have to do with the X-men? Well, after Fiz was rejected by his people because of his mutant powers he was taken in by Charles Xavier. He would then go on and fight alongside the X-Men in the battle against Apocalypse. So, as you can see, if Marvel follows Fiz’s comic storyline there is a good possibility that we will finally get that X-men connection we have been looking for. Or they could go a different direction and once again we will all be wondering when will we see the X-Men in the MCU?

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