Well, it looks like Andy Serkis may return to the Star Wars universe. He may or may not still be Supreme Leader Snoke though.

Andy Serkis in a motion capture suit playing Snoke.
Why does he look cooler in his motion capture suit than in the actual film?

A new rumor has surfaced from one Jason Ward of Making Star Wars. Apparently, Andy Serkis is now part of the cast for the upcoming Andor series for Disney+. You may recognize Serkis’s name if you watched the Sequel Trilogy, since he played Supreme Leader Snoke. This may potentially mean that Snoke will appear in Andor, although I’m not sure how. Bear in mind though that this is a rumor. Take it with a grain of salt until we get official confirmation from Lucasfilm or Disney.

Supreme Leader Snoke in Andor?

Supreme Leader Snoke in his golden bathrobe.
Good Lord, why is he wearing a glittery bathrobe?

In all honesty, Supreme Leader Snoke appearing in Andor wouldn’t make much sense. Star Wars canon in the Sequel Trilogy explicitly had him be a mind-controlled slave to Palpatine as part of some Machiavellian plot to regain power and get revenge on the Skywalkers by seducing Kylo Ren/Ben Solo to the Dark Side. Although in all honesty, this guy would have me running in terror from the Dark Side rather than being seduced into it.

But anyway, unless Palpatine worked really early on Snoke, it doesn’t make sense for him to appear in Andor. It would violate the current canon that had Palpatine create the Snoke clones only after he died in orbit over Endor. Jason Ward of Making Star Wars posits that Andy Serkis would play another character entirely, and this sounds like it would be the most logical answer here. Unfortunately, this is all speculation until we get official word from Lucasfilm and Disney. Take it with as much salt as you like.

Crait surface from Star Wars.
There: a whole planet’s worth of salt for you to enjoy.


There’s a rumor going around that Andy Serkis is now part of the cast for the upcoming Andor series for Disney+. This may or may not mean that Supreme Leader Snoke is going to also make a return to Star Wars, despite how little sense it’d make. Only time, and either Lucasfilm or Disney, will tell if this Star Wars rumor bears fruit though.

Source: Making Star Wars