The third season finale of Titans appeared to set up Ra’s al Ghul as the potential villain of season 4. 

But as last season’s Scarecrow reveal taught fans, when it comes to villains… Expect the unexpected. 

And in the case of season 4, expect blood. Lots of it. 

The Church of Blood is coming to Titans

The HBO Max series is currently casting two key roles for the upcoming fourth season: Sebastian Blood (aka Brother Blood) and May Bennett (aka Mother Mayhem). And with both roles described as series regulars, fans can expect to see quite a bit of the dastardly pair in season 4.

The Church of Blood is a dangerous international cult dating back to the Crusades era. Mother Mayhem and Brother Blood are the figureheads of the organization, which the Titans work to keep in check. 

In particular, the Church of Blood means bad news for Raven. In the comics, Brother Blood hunts down Raven because she’s the half-human daughter of the Church’s lord Trigon. He kidnaps her and proceeds to eat the gemstone from her forehead in an attempt to get her powers in check and force her to become his bride.

During his various showdowns with the Titans, Brother Blood also drinks Superboy’s blood to increase his strength, releases demons from Hell, and even raises the dead. (So yeah, the Titans have their work cut out for them this season.)

More Titans Season 4 News

In addition to Mother Mayhem and Brother Blood, fans can also expect to see Jinx in season 4. Jinx is a metahuman, a dark magic user, and a member of the H.I.V.E Academy. Her villain arc includes a takeover of Titans Tower, but she later reforms her ways and becomes an ally of the Titans. Her character for season 4 is described as a recurring guest star. So, we’ll see less of her than the Church of Blood, but she’ll still make a few appearances.

Titans season 4 currently plans to begin production in mid-February 2022.

You can stream the first three seasons of Titans on HBO Max now.