The Power Rangers kick off the 2021 Hasbro Pulsecon in full force! Hold on to your morphers we are going over everything from the Digital Power Rangers Event!

Power Rangers Dino Fury

The whole Dino Fury team was joined by Executive producer Simon Bennett. Speaking about all the wonderful stories and characters that we’ve seen so far in season 1 and what’s to develop in season 2.

We also got an exclusive clip during the panel showing off a new Motorcycle that has no Sentai Counterpart.

Season 2 Preview

We will also find out what happened to void knight and his beloved Santaura. We will get new zords including the Baby Pacha, that Hunter was having a cuteness overload about. In addition to all the news onscreen including the fact that Dino Fury Season 2 will be on Netflix. Tessa Rao, who plays, Izzy the Green Ranger has joined Power Ranger Legacy Wars! With her new classic skirt rip move! But that wasn’t all Russel, who splays Zayto, did a live unboxing of the first Lightning Collection figure for the series!

Lightning Collection Extravaganza

With Russel showing off his new figure it was a perfect segway into the new product announcements for the Lightning Collection coming in early 2022.

Dino Fury Red Ranger

Zayto comes equipped with his Chromafury Saber, blast effect, an alternate set of hands, and handsome head sculpt.

Dino Charge Pink Ranger

The 4th figure from the series finally gives only 1 of to female rangers time to shine! Comes with her Tricera-drill, Dino Charger Morpher/Blaster, blast effect, alt heads, and stunning head sculpt!

Lunar Wolf Ranger

Merrick the Lunar Wolf ranger from Wild Force is the first of his series! The best part is they started this series with the 6th ranger! During the Panel, they mentioned the extra special detail that went into the hand design! He comes with both forms of the Lunar Cue, alt hands, blast effect that should work on both weapon designs, and a groovy goateed head design.

Zeo Cog #3

During this past year’s Power Morphicon, our friends Scott from with Bruno from MMPRTOYS unveiled the Cog 2-pack. If you compare it to the 2-pack this one seems to have a new molded design. In addition to that, there is one accessory that seems out of place that’s right it’s FINALLY, The Blue Zeo Rangers Zeo Tonfa!

DELUXE Lightning Collection

That’s right we now have a new tier of figures coming to the store shelves and your home shelf space! These figures seem to either be larger, in the case of Pirantiss Head OR come with a premium accessory.

In Space Blue Ranger & Galaxy Glider

TJ gets all the best stuff and he hasn’t had a single-pack figure yet! This looks like a repackage of his already announced figure. But this time it comes with his shiny slick Galaxy Glider! Loretta at Team Hasbro even added a peg hole on the bottom of the glider and feet pegs so you can get that space surfing action poses!

Power Rangers Pirantis Head

This baddie is very rememberable and to get him on a larger scale to pose and fight against your rangers is amazing. I am not surprised that the Villain of the Week characters stays in this DELUXE tier. You gotta afford that extra plastic and detail!


This Pulse-Con exclusive figure comes in a nostalgic lunch box, with extra snacking accessories, weapons, and blast effect. The sculpted detail on this figure is stunning! THIS is by far one of the best villains I’ve seen so far!

Power Rangers Zord Ascension Project

Currently in development is a new zord project. These 1:44 scale figures are stunning! Starting off with the classic MMPR Megazord Hasbro has really taken their time with this and it shows.

The crackle of unreleased energy. The smell of ozone. The feeling that something big is about to happen… when you know you’re in the calm before the storm. Welcome to Zord Ascension Project, the next evolution of Lightning Collection. We’re bringing our expertise in giant robots and experience with awesome collector figures into this never-been-done-before expression of some of the most iconic robots to ever grace the screen.

Why are we calling it Zord Ascension Project? Because we are figuratively lifting Zords and Megazords up and placing them on the figurative pillar that they deserve, and that fans and collectors can proudly display side-by-side with some of the great models out there. That’s right, these have been created in 1:144 model scale, a completely new scale for Power Rangers figures.

Along with these first-ever Hasbro Power Rangers 1:144 scaled Megazord figures, we’ve created an ultra-premium presentation that will look… morphenomenal… on your shelf and an unboxing experience unlike any other with iconic illustrations by a curated selection of some of the best artists in the world.


Zord Sized Details

  • 1:144 scale, aka model scale; the first time this has ever been done by Hasbro with Power Rangers figures
  • All five Dino Zords can be displayed separately or combined to form the Dino Megazord in either Tank or Battle Mode
  • The mighty Zords and Megazords of the Power Rangers franchise are now built to be displayed proudly next to collectors’ model-scale figures or as part of their Power Rangers collection
  • The figure design was inspired by original concept art for Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger
  • Featuring exclusive black-and-gold special edition deco
  • The ultimate display piece; includes an incredible amount of detailing, removable faceplate to display cockpit with Power Rangers inside, and translucent pieces that highlight design
  • A unique unboxing experience totally new to the Power Rangers brand
  • A whole new ecosystem of Zord collectibility
  • The anticipated ship date for the product is August 2022.

Not only are they getting into high-end zords but also NFT’s the first being a black and gold MMPR MEGAZORD that you can a token to redeem to get one in IRL!

Is that all? NOPE

With Lord Zedd’s glorious return on Dino Fury and his unbelievable backstory in the comics. Hasbro is giving us the first VILLIAN Helmet/Head!

In addition, the larger helmet stand comes with a truly terrifying voice changer in the helmet so you can yell at those pesky rangers!

Did you say Power Rangers Comics?!

Yes, I did! Ryan Parrott came on to talk about the amazing Mighty Morphin and Power Rangers comics from BOOM STUDIOS. He went on to explain how much fun his inner child has written these stories. He’s really looking forward to the return of the Omega Rangers coming back to Earth and seeing what happened and how to do all the rangers play catch up. Let’s not forget the addition of Yale as the new Alien Quadraped Blue Omega Ranger!

Calling Matt, Tommy and Kimberly an interesting Love Triangle is putting it very mildly! Don’t forget about the Sentry Force Four that gives him even more room to play with as there are no tv counterparts.

It show’s that Ryan is having a blast adding to the story of the power rangers!

Thoughts from THE GRID….. FINALLY!

Yes, it’s about time for my 2 power coins!

The Show

As far as the show is concerned, they are doing an amazing job! Simon Bennett with the writing team and of course the actors are making a memorable Power Rangers series. After 28 years we know a few shows that have fallen by the wayside but this one will stand the test of time!

We all know I have issues with things that don’t have a sentai counterpart. But the Toy-ability of that new bike. Yeah, I like it!

The Lightning Collection

With all the reveals today I am pleasantly surprised! Choosing rangers from all over the 28 years of the cast! introducing 2 new shows to the lineup, and finally getting those darn Zeo Tonfa! Sorry 3d printers you have a short window before we can get the real thing!

With the Edition of the DELUXE line, it makes total sense. I know I’ve said in past articles having a higher price point will make a difference for what figures and now accessories we will get. im happy to shell out the extra money for them to be on my shelf.

On the other hand, the Pudgy Pig Exclusive, will not be on my display. It’s just not for me, I have a collection of generals and big bads. YES, the sculpting is amazing and well worth being in the DELUXE line. Sadly, the Lunch Box and food accessories for me were a bit lacking.

The new Zord Accession Line looks morphenominal! It looks like it will go toe to toe with the old Bandai Legacy collection! the whole NFT stuff isn’t for me but if I was a hardcore collector and I had to get it then I would, upon receiving my figure then I would forget I had the NFT.

The ZEDD HEAD! the Chrome is amazing! The paint, stunning! the voice changer is a great added touch!

During the panel, they went on the new Megazord collection coming to Walmart Exclusively. im ok with it as it just takes the same idea as the Transformers R.E.D. series figures and putting a ranger spin on it. Ninjakon?! I like the fact he’s a flip head but there are better Megazords out there.

Speaking of Walmart we are getting special packaging! You know I could care less about it, I saw figures chilling on Target shelves for months in their special packaging. plus im an out-of-box collector! PLAY WITH YOUR TOYS!

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