Perhaps you wanted more stories from Luca? Perhaps you felt the story to be a tad incomplete? Well, Pixar Animation Studios (and by extension Disney) is here to help with Ciao Alberto. Starting with these teasers.

Ah, the dad he has always wanted, who even comes with a kitty.

Pixar released these new details of Ciao Alberto via Twitter. The most prominent of these details is what appears to be a screenshot taken directly from the upcoming Disney+ short. The screenshot shows the titular Alberto in his sea monster form holding a fishing net with his new adoptive father Massimo. The family cat is sitting in his rightful place on Massimo’s right shoulder, even though he’s weighing down Massimo’s good arm. You know, like a typical kitty.

Ciao Alberto: More Details

Ciao Alberto screenshot.
A tale of a fish-boy and his adoptive father who might’ve accidentally tried to kill him in the past.

The other detail is in the text of the Tweet. It’s a short bit of text teasing the plot of Ciao Alberto. The text reads:

“Life in Portorosso has been a catch for Alberto. With Luca away, he’s been making waves to impress his mentor Massimo, the coolest human around.”

So yeah, this seems like a nice slice-of-life short featuring Alberto and Massimo as they go on a family bonding trip. The text also officially reveals when we’ll get to see Ciao Alberto on Disney+. Apparently, we’ll get to see the short on November 12, 2021. As of this writing, it’s less than a month away, so you won’t have long to wait to watch this.


Pixar Animation Studios and Disney just gave us our first look at Ciao Alberto over Twitter. The first look not only includes a screenshot showing Alberto and Massimo hanging out, but also a short teaser about the plot. We also get an official release date of November 12, 2021. This short is, of course, a Disney+ exclusive. If you want to watch this epilogue to Luca, you’re going to have to cough up some cash. Unless you already have a paid subscription to Disney+, in which case, you’re good to go.

Source: Twitter