Will all the influx of nerd news today coming out today from NYCC2021! BBC America shocked us with the early return of Jodie Whitaker as The Doctor.

An Ominus Warning

The 13th season featuring the 13th doctor slyly gave us a clue yesterday by deleting and deactivating many of its Socials. That Something is coming. With Chris Chibnall out the door and the return of Russel T Davies. could this Halloween be the reboot/rewind for the recent terrible writing? Is Russel going to be the Cosmic Zamboni and give is a clean slate?

One thing we did see is the new companion played by John Bishop. We still don’t know his name or how he gets on the TARDIS. But he’s there and apparently, he needs The Doctor’s help.

Doctor Who

Is this episode airing on October 31st going to be the first episode of the new season or is this going to be a one-off that leads into the full season? We have so many TARDIS-sized questions and were are patiently waiting for answers.

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