Okay, let’s all admit: If you’re channel surfing and The Goonies comes on, you stop surfing and watch. That’s just a rule of life. For many of us, phrases like “Hey, you guys!” and “the truffle shuffle” are part of who we are. Now, thanks to Toynk, there’s a whole new way to enjoy our favorite group of misfits: Goonies Geeki Tikis! The company is officially unveiling the new offerings at NYCC 2021 (New York Comic Con) today, but they graciously gave us a sneak peek ahead of the convention. To get a first-hand look at the new tiki mugs in action, check out our unboxing/mixology video below:

Here’s the official press release from Toynk:

Raise a toast with a friend! Everyone’s favorite misfits “The Goonies” have gone TIKI. Tag along the treasure-seeking adventure with this Geeki Tikis mug set. Inspired by the popular ’80s movie classic, this creative drinkware combines two of our favorite Goonies, Chunk and Sloth, with our unique tiki-styling. Excuse us, we meant Captain Chunk! Expertly crafted with high-end sculpted detailing, the colorful designs will add a pop of color and nostalgia to your home bar. Get your hands on the collectible mug set before the Fratelli family does first. Otherwise, you might have to walk the plank.

Goonies Geeki Tikis never say die at NYCC 2021!

Goonies; NYCC 2021
Image: Toynk

Toynk is premiering three new tiki mugs and mini muglet sets at the convention. So, if you’re a Goonies fan and made your way to NYCC 2021, be sure to pick one of them up:

  • Mini Tiki Muglet 2-Pack – includes Mama Fratelli (2oz) and Sloth (3oz) | Toynk Exclusive
  • 2oz Mini Tiki Muglet 4-Pack – includes Mikey, Data, Chunk, and Mouth
  • One-Eyed Willy 20oz Geeki Tiki Ceramic Mug
Goonies; Toynk
Image: Toynk

To check the new Goonies GeekiTikis revealed at NYCC 2021 in greater detail, be sure to visit Toynk’s official site HERE.