The line leading into the main stage was electric! There was so much energy for Dragon Ball Super, you could have made a spirit bomb the size of NYC!

The line leading to the DB SUPER Panel

Kamehameha Powered Panel!

The Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Special Panel (yes that’s a mouthful) featured Ian Sinclair, the American Voice of Weiss. He was joined by Monica Rial the voice of Bulma.

Live from Tokyo on the big screen. The exec producer on both Broly and the upcoming film, spoke about the new film coming out in 2022. Production is moving along well. They assure that it will be “a cinematic experience you’ve never seen before”

Always checking back into the mythos for over 30 years and Toriyama-sensei. The panel showed off two new character designs: Dende has grown up and Bulma’s new design was perfect.

Korin has been redesigned to show an older and chubby kitty sensei. That was redesigned by Toriyama himself.

Brand New Footage

Pan under the tutelage of Piccolo both serves a major role in the plot as well. The numerical characters announced at SDCC have games finally as wait for it Gamma 1 and Gamma 2.

Lastly, we got some prerecorded footage from the Japanese voices of Goku and Piccolo. after taking a few campy fan questions the panel thanked everyone in attendance and across the world. It was amazing to see the level of camaraderie from the DB SUPER community!

So are you excited for this new Dragon Ball Super feature?

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