I never could have predicted “Elvira promotes thrillers as a cure for anxiety” to be how we’d kick off October 2021. 

But you know what? I’m not mad about it.

The Mistress of the Dark herself will step into the role of “Dr. Elvira” every Sunday in October. Through a partnership with Netflix, Dr. Elvira will then prescribe viewers with their weekly dose of Netflix & Chills content.

Watch Dr. Elvira go to work in the clip below.

“Heart-pounding thrillers can combat stress because they’re designed to elicit a shock response,” explains Dr. Elvira. “This releases hormones like adrenaline, cortisol, and norepinephrine, resulting in a mood boost.”

And well, you really can’t argue with science or the queen of horror. So I guess we’ll all just have to tune in Sundays for Dr. Elvira to cure what ails us with a little movie magic. 

Interestingly, Netflix isn’t streaming any Elvira content this October. (You can find her flicks on a number of other streaming platforms, including Hulu, Prime Video, Shudder, and Shout! TV, to name a few.) Apparently, Netflix decided to nab the woman herself instead.

If you can’t wait for Sunday, you can preview the Netflix and Chills lineup here.

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Source: Netflix