Netflix revealed quite a few trailers for various shows at their Tudum global fan event today, and Super Crooks is one of them. Check it out below:

Use my superpowers for the betterment of mankind? Screw that! I just want money!

During the Tudum: Anime Spotlight pre-show, Netflix unveiled their teaser trailer for the anime Super Crooks on their YouTube channel. The teaser trailer also revealed when we’ll get to see this anime at the end. Apparently, it will on Netflix on November 25, 2021. Of course, this anime is exclusive to Netflix as well. If you want to watch this anime, you’ll have to shell out the cash for a Netflix subscription.

Super Crooks: Details

Super Crooks key art.
Apparently, crime and villainy are cool now.

So what is Super Crooks about? Well, as the name implies, the anime is about criminals with superpowers. In fact, this anime is a spinoff of Jupiter’s Legacy, also from Netflix. In fact, Mark Millar himself, the author of Jupiter’s Legacy, is also working on this anime in conjunction with Studio Bones (My Hero Academia, Mob Psycho 100, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood) for this 13-episode anime series. The full synopsis from Netflix tells us more:

In this anime adaptation, small-time crook Johnny Bolt recruits the ultimate crew for one last heist — for real! From comic book legend Mark Millar, this super-powered heist story about eight super-villains is jam-packed with action and told in 13x 30-minute episodes lushly produced by Bones.


Super Crooks just got a new teaser trailer, courtesy of Netflix‘s Tudum: Anime Spotlight pre-show. The trailer shows off a bit of the story by Mark Millar and Studio Bones, as a spinoff to Jupiter’s Legacy. Moreover, we now have a release date of November 25, 2021. If you want to watch this anime though, you still have to cough up some cash for that Netflix subscription.

Source: Netflix YouTube