You can’t think about horror movies and not think of Tom Savini. His effects defined a generation or more of filmmakers flocking to the horror genre. Now, we finally have a definitive documentary on the man himself, Smoke and Mirrors: The Story of Tom Savini.

Coming this October 19th On Demand and Digital, the documentary goes deep into the life and style of the famous effects master. Here’s the official synopsis.

Special Makeup Effects legend, Actor, Director, Stuntman. Tom Savini has redefined the horror genre with his arsenal on talents. But who is the man behind the “King of Splatter?” From his his childhood in Pittsburgh, PA; to his tour of duty during Vietnam, to his beginnings with George A. Romero and beyond. SMOKE AND MIRRORS is the defining documentary on the life and career of horror icon Tom Savini.Featuring Tom Savini, Danny McBride, Robert Rodriguez, Danny Trejo, Alice Cooper, Greg Nicotero, Tom Atkins, Corey Feldman, Doug Bradley, Bill Moseley, and more!

If you’re a fan of horror in any capacity this documentary is a must-watch. Tom Savini is a god among men when it comes to movie effects and horror. He’s created some of the most iconic and famous imagery from the genre. That talent and passion translates to his school where he’s passing that knowledge on to the next generation.

We’ll have to see just how deep this one goes on October 19th, 2021.

So, are you excited to see this new doc on Tom Savini?

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